Virginia Forts

Accokeek Creek Encampment
Accokeek Creek Fort
Apex Fort
Aquia Creek Defenses
Bacon's Fort
Battery Hill Redoubt
Fort Beauregard
Fort Belvoir
Brents Point Battery
Brent Town Fort
Bristoe Station
Brooke Station Fort
Cannon Branch Fort
Camp Cary
Catlett Station
Centreville Defenses
Centreville Fort
Chopawamsic Battery
Camp Clifton
Camp Cobb
Cockpit Point Battery
Camp Early
Fort Evans
Evansport Battery
Falmouth Encampment
Fredericksburg Battlefields
Fredericksburg Gun Factory
Fredericksburg Magazine/Depot
Freestone Point Battery
Camp Gary
Fort Geary
Fort George
Germantown Fort
Hazel Run Blockhouse
Fort Hood
Camp Humphreys
Fort Humphreys
Fort Johnston
Kelly's Ford
Kettle Run Stockade
Kilgore Fort House
Landry's Battery
Fort McLean
Marlborough Point Battery
Marye's Heights Fort
Massaponax Creek Encampment
Mayfield Fort
Camp Maury
Camp Mercer
Middle Fort
Mitchell's Ford
Mt Gilead Battery
Fort Nelson
Norcom's Redoubts
Camp Pickens
Potomac Creek Battery
Potomac Creek Site
Potomac Creek Forts
Camp Quantico
Quantico Marine Base
Rappahannock River Fort
Rappahannock Station
Camp Seldon
Shipping Point Battery
Signal Hill
L Smith's Fort
Spotsylvania C H
Camp Strange
Todd's Tavern
Waugh Point Forts
West Fort
White House Point Battery
White Oak Encampment

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