Marriage Index: 1641-1944 Submitted by Charles Barnum
Name Name Date County/State
Madden, Drayton Taylor, Helen Oct 9, 1866
Madden, Pollyann Madden, Mabry unknown
Mahaffey, unknown Blakeley, Franklin unknown
Mahaffey, Hiram Henderson, Gerette Jan 30, 1865
Martin, unknown Gilliam, Susannah unknown
Martin, Benjamin Fowler, Sallie unknown
Martin, Elizabeth Ball, Harris unknown
Martin, Fountain Drummond, Martha unknown
Martin, Glasengin Garrett, Malinda unknown
Martin, Madison Boyd, Sallie Feb 18, 1866
Martin, Reuben Hannah, Jane Sep 24, 1857
Martin, Sally Ball, John unknown
Mccall, unknown Caldwell, Jean unknown
Mccown, James Jr , Mary unknown
Mccown, Moses , Frank Miss unknown
Mccrady, Caroline Hall, Reuben unknown
Mccrady, Mary Ann Higgins, Benjamin unknown
Mccuen, Margaret Dorrah, Samuel Feb 26, 1865
Mcdaniel, Elizaeth Henderson, Mastin Sep 22, 1859
Mcfadden, John , May unknown
Mclease, Andrew Sr , Jean unknown
Mcneely, William Evans, Margaret Jun 7, 1866
Miles, Henry Hollis, Laura Feb 26, 1867
Miller, Hargrove Coleman, Mary Feb 22, 1859
Miller, Permealy Knight, Samuel Dr May 18, 1859
Milligan, unknown Davis, Maria unknown
Moore, Austin Power, Louisa Nov 3, 1858
Moore, C Brooks, Malissa unknown
Moore, Elijah Dendy, Eliza May 17, 1866
Moore, John Henderson, Narcissa Oct 16, 1862
Moore, Milas Creek, Eliza unknown
Moore, Milton Bolt, Elizabeth Nov 18, 1866
Moseley, Austin Duckett, Elizabeth unknown
Moseley, George Col Lester, Harriet Dec 1, 1858
Moss, James Cooper, Amelia Feb 15, 1866
Motes, Milford Abrams, Francis Nov 23, 1858
Murphy, Mark , Holly unknown
Madden, John , Susannah unknown
Martin, George , Susannah unknown
Masters, Christian , Elizaeth unknown
Maxwell, Mary Mrs Curruth, Adam unknown
Maxwell, Robert Capt Anderson, Mary unknown
Maxwell, Sarah Franklin unknown
Mayes, Sarah Hill, William unknown
Mayes, Tabitha Carter, William unknown
Martin, Robert Bobo unknown
Martindell, John , Rachel unknown
Mccologh, George , Margaret unknown
Mollin, John , Elizabeth unknown
Murphy, Charles , Ann unknown
Murrell, John T Bobo unknown
Mcculley, Barney , Sarah unknown
Martin, unknown Madden, John Oct 9, 1866
Martin, Thella Henry, Leander Feb 7, 1861
Mccartey, Daniel , Agness unknown
Mccintock, Fannie Boyd, Rev May 28, 1861
Mccintock, Lee Dr Cruise, Grisa Apr 9, 1861
Mcdowell, Joseph , Margaret unknown
Mcelhenny, James , Margaret unknown
Mills, Antoinette Smith, Arch Feb 5, 1861
Mills, Jane Anderson, Jimmy Sep 27, 1860
Morse, unknown Cooper, Amelia Feb 15, 1866
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