Marriage Index: 1641-1944 Submitted by Charles Barnum
Name Name Date County/State
Dandy, Eliza F Bobbitt, Henry A .Jul 30, 1839 AL or other
Daniel, Levin Bowen, Betsey .Sep 28, 1833 AL or other
Daniel, Robert L Barton, Mary .Jan 9, 1828 AL or other
Darden, James Breadeland, Sarah .May. 8, 1818 AL or other
Darden, James Breeland, Sarah .May. 8, 1818 AL or other
Dargan, E S Brack, Roxanna .May. 23, 1837 AL or other
Dargan, Edward S Brack, Mary D .Jun 2, 1831 AL or other
Davenport, Samuel K Crenshaw, Luisa .Mar 22, 1827 AL or other
Davidson, Sarah P Cook, William .Jan 7, 1836 AL or other
Davis, Danil Barkley, Mary Lucinda .Nov 16, 1844 AL or other
Davis, David Barkley, Mary Lucinda .Nov 16, 1844 AL or other
Davis, Elizabeth E Collier, James B .Jul 16, 1846 AL or other
Davis, John E Croff, Sarah C .Apr 19, 1838 AL or other
Davis, Margarette Bedsole, Henry .Jan 5, 1830 AL or other
Davis, Mary A R Courtney, Anson H .Dec 6, 1844 AL or other
Dean, Jane Blakely, Joel .May. 28, 1839 AL or other
Dean, Thomas Brasil, Alice .Mar 10, 1828 AL or other
Deas, John Ballard, Elizabeth .Jan 15, 1822 AL or other
Denton, A B Boyd, Mary Ann .Dec 27, 1844 AL or other
Devanport, Elizabeth Brunson, John .Jul 27, 1833 AL or other
Devanport, Samuel K Crenshaw, Luisa .Mar 22, 1827 AL or other
Diamond, Henrietta Campbell, Thomas .Mar 23, 1842 AL or other
Diamond, Miss Betsy Davis, Thomas .Dec 26, 1822 AL or other
Diamond, Miss Elenear Davis, Josiah .Feb 14, 1821 AL or other
Diamond, Rebecca Barnett, Nathaniel .Dec 31, 1827 AL or other
Dickerson, Rebecca K Cochran, Samuel H .Jan 7, 1839 AL or other
Dickey, Patrick Dickey, Jane .Nov 21, 1849 AL or other
Dickey, William M Broadaway, Nancy Caroline .Feb 6, 1849 AL or other
Dickson, Elza Barnett, Charles J .Dec 10, 1840 AL or other
Dillard, Mary E Craddock, John A .Apr 7, 1832 AL or other
Dillehay, James M Calloway, Elizabeth A .Aug 9, 1844 AL or other
Dixon, William Z Alexander, Rebecca .Jan 7, 1841 AL or other
Donaldson, David Jr Davis, Pricilla .Aug 11, 1828 AL or other
Donaldson, Jesse Davis, Elizabeth .Jul 7, 1823 AL or other
Donaldson, Sarah Davis, William .Jan 27, 1828 AL or other
Doster, Absolem Alexander, Sarah .Oct 7, 1822 AL or other
Duck, Calebe A Briggs, Jacob .Dec 24, 1833 AL or other
Duck, Clebe A Briggs, Jacob .Dec 24, 1833 AL or other
Duncan, Alfred L Bradshaw, Elizabeth L .Jun 28, 1847 AL or other
Duncan, Stephen Dickinson, Zilpha .Mar 10, 1831 AL or other
Darlington, H D Blease, Charlotte G A .Jun 21, 1840 SC probably
Davis, E T Covar, Nancy .Nov 17, 1851 SC probably
Davis, Jacob Berry, Mary Ann .Dec 6, 1860 SC probably
Davis, T A Burkhalter, C M .Sep 29, 1853 SC probably
Day, Katherine Maria Butler, Seth .Dec 18, 1817 SC probably
Dean, A C Bland, Martha .Nov 18, 1841 SC probably
Dean, Sarah Cunningham, F .Dec 25, 1853 SC probably
Dean, Unity Lauransa C Busby, Christopher .Jul 10, 1842 SC probably
Dean, W M Col Adams, Emily A .Aug 7, 1856 SC probably
Deen, A B Boles, Permelia M .Oct 22, 1858 SC probably
Degrafferreid, Thomas Crisholme, Matilda .May. 7, 1840 SC probably
Delaughter, John Carson, Mary ~1803 SC probably
Deloach, Caleb Attaway, Nancy .Dec 27, 1867 SC probably
Deloach, Elizabeth Burkhalter, J D .Feb 20, 1848 SC probably
Deloach, Lucinda A Davis, J B .May. 8, 1856 SC probably
Deloach, Lucretia Burkhalter, Hudson .Jul 13, 1866 SC probably
Deloach, Sarah Bouchelle, Lewis B Dr .Dec 20, 1859 SC probably
Demedicis, F B Cunningham, Sallie Mrs .Jan 26, 1860 SC probably
Denley, Mary Caughman, H J Col .Nov 29, 1849 SC probably
Devore, Adeline Adams, Joseph .Jul 7, 1858 SC probably
Devore, Frances J Andrews, Wistar .Nov 18, 1856 SC probably
Deweese, Elizabeth Delora, Anthony .Apr 17, 1831 SC probably
Dewitt, Caroline Maria Barronton, John .Nov 14, 1838 SC probably
Dick, Cornelia J Chapman, S T .Apr 13, 1840 SC probably
Dickinson, Caroline Cowan, James .Mar 6, 1864 SC probably
Dill, Sally 24 Vail, David 76 .Jul 25, 1839 SC probably
Dinkins, William Wright Collins, Frances .Dec 25, 1837 SC probably
Dobey, Mary Ann Rambo, Benajay .Oct 22, 1839 SC probably
Doby, John L Bledsoe, Susan .Jan 16, 1845 SC probably
Donaldson, Casper Bland, Peggy .Jan 23, 1823 SC probably
Dorn, Robert Carson, Mary ~1834 SC probably
Dorn, S Anna Caswell, Porter J .Feb 25, 1858 SC probably
Dorn, S Anna Cornell, Porter J .Feb 25, 1858 SC probably
Dorn, William Buzzard, Emily Catherine .Dec 6, 1855 SC probably
Douglas, Charles Blocker, Emma B .Apr 6, 1858 SC probably
Dowling, Rebecca A Barr, J M Col .Jun 21, 1859 SC probably
Dozier, Allen S Dr Burt, Emily .Oct 3, 1862 SC probably
Dozier, Lizzie C Charlton, Lycurgus Capt .Jun 16, 1864 SC probably
Duffie, Virgil Burnett, Hennie .Dec 18, 1866 SC probably
Dunbar, Mary E Mrs Clark, Nedum .Mar 27, 1864 SC probably
Duncan, Melissa T Brooks, Wesley .Oct 24, 1829 SC probably
Dunovant, R G M Brooks, Ellen S .Jun 21, 1849 SC probably
Durea, Ann H Bowles, P D .Jan 14, 1854 SC probably
Durisoe, Peter L Dukes, E Julia Mrs .Oct 9, 1866 SC probably
Durisoe, William F Roper, Mary Ann E .Mar 7, 1830 SC probably
Daum, Elizabeth Baumann, Casimir .Nov 4, 1851 AL NC or SC
Davis, John R Carnighan, Martha A .Nov 8, 1841 AL NC or SC
Davison, Anne E Miller, George H Rev .Oct 26, 1847 AL NC or SC
Defenbaugh, Maria Mcreynolds, S Rev .Feb 21, 1850 AL NC or SC
Delaney, Michael Blessinger, Mary Ann .Dec 10, 1848 AL NC or SC
Diehl, Jacob of Baltimo M'cadden, Sarah .Mar 17, 1834 AL NC or SC
Douglass, William J Mitchell, Clara C .Feb 6, 1851 AL NC or SC
Drake, John B Adams, Rebecca .Sep 30, 1849 AL NC or SC
Drinkhouse, Kate E Diehl, George Rev .Jul 25, 1850 AL NC or SC
Drury, Mary Jane Martin, David A .Jan 16, 1845 AL NC or SC
Dunn, Nicholas Myers, Esther .Mar 6, 1850 AL NC or SC
Duy, J C Rev Murphey, Emeline .Mar 11, 1851 AL NC or SC
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