Marriage Index: 1641-1944 Submitted by Charles Barnum
Name Name Date County/State
Bawdwater, Elizabeth Barnes, Benedict Nov 30, 1836 unknown state
Beach, Miles Green Ball, Mary S Aug 9, 1828 unknown state
Bibb, Martha B Bibb, Joseph Benajah Jan 10, 1849 unknown state
Bizzle, Catharine Aden, William Mar 7, 1824 unknown state
Bizzle, Catherine Allen, William Mar 7, 1827 unknown state
Bizzle, Sarah Allen, John Feb 20, 1829 unknown state
Blackwell, Edward Archer, Rebecca Nov 4, 1830 unknown state
Blackwell, Nicholas Baldwin, Sarah Oct 22, 1822 unknown state
Blakeley, William Beck, Lucinda May 23, 1831 unknown state
Blakey, William Andrews, Mary Jun 27, 1831 unknown state
Blunt, Wiley Alsabrook, Mary N Dec 12, 1834 unknown state
Bobbitt, Elizabeth Adams, James A Jan 25, 1844 unknown state
Bonham, John Archer, Jane Jan 3, 1822 unknown state
Booth, Henry Baker, Martha May 19, 1836 unknown state
Booth, Henry Barber, Martha May 19, 1836 unknown state
Booth, Sarah Allen, Joseph Dec 19, 1849 unknown state
Bowden, Mary Allen, John Apr 27, 1846 unknown state
Boyd, Elizabeth Austin, John D Jan 3, 1838 unknown state
Boyd, Thomas Austin, Margarette May 8, 1830 unknown state
Bradley, Barbery Allen, David Nov 28, 1836 unknown state
Bradley, Susan Bozman, Robert J Apr 17, 1841 unknown state
Bradshaw, Fields Brack, Eliza Apr 6, 1829 unknown state
Brantley, Emeline Billups, Thomas M Sep 13, 1826 unknown state
Brasell, George W Bayzer, Elizabeth J Aug 2, 1842 unknown state
Brazil, Jacob Brasil, Aretta Mar 20, 1827 unknown state
Breedlove, Elizabeth Bledsoe, Peachy Nov 6, 1830 unknown state
Breedlove, Frances Bledsoe, Samuel J May 23, 1827 unknown state
Breedlove, Miss Sarah Bledsoe, William Apr 7, 1821 unknown state
Brewer, Lucretia Ball, Hiram Nov 22, 1836 unknown state
Brewer, Reuben H Adams, Mary J M Apr 12, 1845 unknown state
Brinton, Isaiah Beauford, Mary Jul 30, 1818 unknown state
Broadwater, Elizabeth Barnes, Benedict Nov 30, 1836 unknown state
Brodaway, Thomas J Bailer, Elizabeth Mar 15, 1841 unknown state
Brook, Jack R Barton, Lively Ann Oct 12, 1848 unknown state
Brown, Eliza Barron, Charles Nov 17, 1840 unknown state
Brown, Gardner R Baker, Rebeckah 1827 unknown state
Brown, George J Bledsoe, Frances L Mar 6, 1847 unknown state
Brown, Margaret Barnett, James Dec 11, 1820 unknown state
Brown, Rebecca E Black, Rives Karr Aug 17, 1847 unknown state
Browning, Miss Lucy Ann Bozeman, Michael Sep 24, 1827 unknown state
Brummett, Francis K Bloodworth, Miss Emily M Oct 10, 1820 unknown state
Bryan, John W Allen, Miss Matilda Nov 6, 1822 unknown state
Bugg, Samuel Barnett, Frances Feb 18, 1833 unknown state
Burch, James Beck, Eliza Dec 19, 1829 unknown state
Burch, James Browning, Louisa Aug 7, 1838 unknown state
Burch, John L Blackwell, Eliza Mar 4, 1843 unknown state
Burch, Mary T Baskin, Hugh R Jul 19, 1841 unknown state
Burgy, Francis Bunckley, Miss Mary Jun 19, 1821 unknown state
Burnett, Frances Bugg, Samuel Feb 18, 1833 unknown state
Burns, Sophia Balding, Henry Nov 12, 1832 unknown state
Bush, Matthew Adams, Edney Dec 5, 1817 unknown state
Bussey, Mary Boyd, Hezekiah Jan 1, 1842 unknown state
Bussy, Mary Boyd, Hezekiah Jan 1, 1842 unknown state
Butler, Frances A Boyd, Robert Nov 11, 1835 unknown state
Butler, Julia Bulger, Charles N Apr 8, 1834 unknown state
Butler, Sarah Barrett, Curtis Oct 24, 1827 unknown state
Butler, Thomas Boyd, Letitia Oct 13, 1845 unknown state
Butler, Winnyford Boyd, William S Jan 24, 1840 unknown state
Butte, Henry Lucas Bulger, Maria A Jul 18, 1844 unknown state
O Bannum, Mary Cleveland, John M Jan 23, 1838 unknown state
Black, Elizabeth Black, Alex D Sep 26, 1865 unknown state
Babcock, Ann Elliott unknown unknown
Babcock, Ann Rabourn, Richard unknown unknown
Baker, R A Col , N E Miss unknown unknown
Banks, James , Charity unknown unknown
Banks, Sarah E Durrell, Richard J D unknown unknown
Barco, David , Mary 1861 unknown
Barden, Martha H Zachry, Lewis Maj unknown unknown
Barge, L T , E G Miss unknown unknown
Barge, Lewis T , E Miss unknown unknown
Barker, Josiah Payne, Jane Elizabeth unknown unknown
Barkley, Micajah , Nancy unknown unknown
Barkley, Penelope Hartsell, John C Rev unknown unknown
Barksdale, James H , Indiana A unknown unknown
Barr, Wm J , Harriet unknown unknown
Barret, Henry , Frances unknown unknown
Barton, Donald Rowe Col Rowe, Julia Augusta Jan 15, 1861 unknown
Barton, Jr Dr , Sarah A unknown unknown
Baskin, James , H W Miss unknown unknown
Baskin, Martha E Gray, M W Dr unknown unknown
Baugh, William Lindsey, Elizabeth unknown unknown
Baughn, David , Lucy A N unknown unknown
Beall, James , Melinda unknown unknown
Beall, James M Heard, Martha F unknown unknown
Beall, Mary A Baker, Wm S Sep 3, 1863 unknown
Beall, Thomas , Sarah E unknown unknown
Beaswell, Sarah A Marbut, D F unknown unknown
Beaswell, Wesley , Mary unknown unknown
Beazley, Artelia Tutt, J V unknown unknown
Beckham, A J , Mary A unknown unknown
Beckham, James , Martha unknown unknown
Bedsole, John , Catharine unknown unknown
Bedsole, Sarah E Shepherd, Thos J unknown unknown
Bell Hampton, Elizabeth unknown unknown
Benbow, W W Hiltop, Rebecca A unknown unknown
Benett, W R Macky, S A C Miss unknown unknown
Bennett, Eli , Levy N unknown unknown
Bennett, S R Miss Bell, G N May 24, 1861 unknown
Berry, John B Kennedy, Ann C unknown unknown
Betsill, Joel Pearson, Lucretia M unknown unknown
Biddenback, J , M Miss unknown unknown
Birch, Susan M Grubbs, Silas M unknown unknown
Bird, James Capt , Sarah 1805 unknown
Bird, Rachel Jordan, Jesse unknown unknown
Bird, Solomon , Nancy unknown unknown
Bivins, Roland Redding, Nancy S unknown unknown
Bivins, Shadrach , Mildred unknown unknown
Black, Mary J Garrison, Lovick P unknown unknown
Blackwell, Sarah A Owens, James W Capt unknown unknown
Blakewood, John S Reeves, Ann Eliza unknown unknown
Blanton, Sarah Freeman Reid, J B Judge unknown unknown
Blocker, J E Dr Beekam, Lavonia Feb 3, 1864 unknown
Bouknight Mitchell, Jane E unknown unknown
Bowdre, Harriet Phinizy, Ferdinand unknown unknown
Boyd, R Warren Baxtrom, Sarah J May 24, 1866 unknown
Boynton, Floretta S Barnum, Jas R Dr Feb 17, 1861 unknown
Boyt, J D Mcafee, Martha M unknown unknown
Brawner, Francis F Ingram, Perry F unknown unknown
Brewster, Walter S Banks, Susan W Apr 3, 1861 unknown
Bridges, John M Bailey, Sallie W Mar 21, 1866 unknown
Brockinton, M J T Miss Morris, Simeon W unknown unknown
Broomfield, Sophronia Houser unknown unknown
Broward, Sophia J Adams, R W Jun 18, 1861 unknown
Brown, Cynthia W Nobles, James A unknown unknown
Brown, Jane E Slaton, David D unknown unknown
Brown, Lisa Bardwell, E L Dr May 15, 1866 unknown
Brown, Sarah P Mcgowen, H N unknown unknown
Brown, Thomas A Rev Askins, Cynthia D May 26, 1863 unknown
Bryan, Wiley Johnson, Unity unknown unknown
Buckner, Elizabeth Bass, James Nov 17, 1862 unknown
Buckner, Sarah C Patterson, Archibald unknown unknown
Bundy, Joshua D Adams, Eliza Catharine unknown unknown
Burnett, W M Ray, Caroline M C unknown unknown
Bussey, Nathan D Tutt, Eliza F unknown unknown
Bustian, Frances M Mrs Barfield, John C Apr 14, 1861 unknown
Butts, Rebecca L Atkinson, E D Dec 24, 1865 unknown
Byrd, William Baker, Gillie Ann unknown unknown
Bealer, G B Bacot, Elizabeth E Dec 14, 1852 unknown
Becks, Louisa Jane Ballentine, Leander Jul 31, 1860 unknown
Bolt, Hiram Allison, Mary Ann Jul 17, 1862 unknown
Boyd, Richard Atkins, Cornelia A 1856 unknown
Bradford, Rebecca B Batchelder, James L Sep 29, 1841 unknown
Broom, Laura A Berry, William H Nov 18, 1862 unknown
Brown, Margaret Axson, William A Feb 11, 1855 unknown
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