Marriage Index: AL 1641-1944 Submitted by Charles Barnum
Name Name Date County/State
De Treville, Harriot L Guerrard, Robert Jan 13, 1801 NC or SC
Taliafarro, Elizabeth Farr, William 1799 NC or SC
Taliaferro, Sarah A Broyles, O R Mar 20, 1823 NC or SC
Taliferro, Elizabeth Farr, William 1779 NC or SC
Tallifer, unknown Bellinger, Eliza Mar 21, 1769 NC or SC
Tapp, Ann Barbara Mrs Ernst, George Adam 1740 NC or SC
Tart, Polly Chovin, Alexander Nov/-/1772 NC or SC
Tatum, Richard Bethea, Mary Jun 19, 1857 NC or SC
Taveroon, Stephen Turner, Sarah Nov 4, 1724 NC or SC
Taylor, Alexander Hayne, Sarah May 18, 1837 NC or SC
Taylor, Anne Mazyck, William Jul 20, 1850 NC or SC
Taylor, Benjamin W Heyward, Anna Dec 14, 1865 NC or SC
Taylor, David S Taliaferro, Lucy H Sep/-/1826 NC or SC
Taylor, Elizabeth Bythewood, Daniel Apr 17, 1792 NC or SC
Taylor, George Jr Ladson, Eliza Dec 11, 1794 NC or SC
Taylor, Henry T Hargan, Susanna Mar 20, 1785 NC or SC
Taylor, James Barrie, Elizabeth Mrs Aug 20, 1754 NC or SC
Taylor, John Chopard, Ann Oct 1, 1770 NC or SC
Teague, Elias Atkins, Rachel Oct/-/1814 NC or SC
Teague, Elizabeth Coleman, Alsey Oct 29, 1846 NC or SC
Teague, Lavina Coleman, James Dec 23, 1852 NC or SC
Teague, Liza Miller, Jones Dec 18, 1844 NC or SC
Teague, Ludy Williams, Parthenie U Oct 26, 1858 NC or SC
Teague, Pickney Felts, Elizabeth Jan 4, 1866 NC or SC
Tebout, Margaret Crafts, William Apr/-/1786 NC or SC
Templeton, Margaret Mrs Hitch, Ludy Dec 28, 1858 NC or SC
Templeton, Samuel Putman, Minty May 3, 1855 NC or SC
Terry, Benjamin Madden, Frances Nov 11, 1866 NC or SC
Thaxton, Nathaniel Pearson, Mandy Dec 13, 1849 NC or SC
Thayer, Caroline Gibbes, Edwin Nov 30, 1821 NC or SC
Theus, Charlotte Mayer, John S 1788 NC or SC
Theus, Simon Mackey, Elizabeth Feb 12, 1754 NC or SC
Thomas, Annie Mcjunkin, Joseph Mar 9, 1779 NC or SC
Thomas, John Rev Lamball, Polly Feb 21, 1768 NC or SC
Thomason, Thomas Hollingsworth, Margaret A Dec 27, 1855 NC or SC
Thompson, Alexander Rose, Susannah Feb 5, 1801 NC or SC
Thompson, Elisha G Carothers, Nancy A Oct 6, 1836 NC or SC
Thompson, George Halliday, Mary Mrs May 18, 1800 NC or SC
Thompson, Gracey Drummond, James Mar 19, 1800 NC or SC
Thompson, James Kennedy, Elizabeth Mrs Sep 17, 1786 NC or SC
Thompson, James H Trezevant, Elizabeth M Jan 21, 1775 NC or SC
Thompson, Jane Barton, William Sep 24, 1773 NC or SC
Thompson, Jane Mrs Mcwhann, William Aug 3, 1768 NC or SC
Thompson, Jeremiah S Fleming, Beatrix Dec 21, 1794 NC or SC
Thompson, Ruth Mitchell, William Apr/-/1779 NC or SC
Thompson, Susan Highs, Charles Sep 13, 1866 NC or SC
Thompson, William Russell, Eugenia Aug 14, 1755 NC or SC
Thomson, George Yorston, Jane Dec 13, 1767 NC or SC
Thomson, Thomas Lavine, Mary Jan 9, 1796 NC or SC
Thorney, Jane Mrs Hill, Acey of Boston May 29, 1801 NC or SC
Thornton, Catherine Eccles, Jonathan 1805 NC or SC
Thurston, Thomas Hines, Jean Apr 11, 1782 NC or SC
Tillman, Iwanowna Wardlaw, William A Maj May 23, 1840 NC or SC
Tillman, William C Or G Kearsey, E I Oct 18, 1855 NC or SC
Timmerman, Washington Asbill, Pauline Jun/-/1856 NC or SC
Tinsley, Martha Madden, Moses Dec 21, 1852 NC or SC
Tobias, Joseph Aarons, Rachel Nov 2, 1785 NC or SC
Todd, Adaline Layton, George Jan 1, 1857 NC or SC
Todd, Eliza Moore, Robertson Nov 21, 1844 NC or SC
Todd, John Darrell, Frances Mrs Jan 1, 1786 NC or SC
Todd, Martha Moore, Potiler Dec 16, 1852 NC or SC
Tolin, Tarsy Moseley, Thomas Dec 12, 1850 NC or SC
Tompkins, John Warren Allen, Elizabeth E Nov 24, 1848 NC or SC
Tomplet, Peter Black, Isabella Apr 17, 1832 NC or SC
Tompson, Eliza Saulter, L G Nov 8, 1854 NC or SC
Tongs, James Rev Perry, Susanna Sep 5, 1768 NC or SC
Toomer, Henry Baker, Mary Jun 23, 1719 NC or SC
Townsend, Charles P Mcconnell, Amanda Oct 1, 1860 NC or SC
Townsend, Daniel A Douglas, Sallie B Nov 4, 1854 NC or SC
Townsend, Sarah Godwin Apr 9, 1785 NC or SC
Trapier, Elizabeth Mrs Roux, Albert Dec/-/1784 NC or SC
Trapier, Paul Foisson, Elizabeth Nov 19, 1771 NC or SC
Trescott, Edward Bouquet, Rachel May/-/1777 NC or SC
Tribble, Warren Copeland, Frances Jan 20, 1859 NC or SC
Trott, John Endid, Mary 1788 NC or SC
Troup, John Gordon, Frances May 30, 1763 NC or SC
Tshudy, Ann Hottow, Charles 1742 NC or SC
Turgis, Elizabeth Mrs Blake, Joseph Dec/-/1698 NC or SC
Turgis, Mary Izard, Walter May 19, 1713 NC or SC
Turnbull, John Guerin, Henrietta Dec 18, 1800 NC or SC
Turnbull, R F Gervais, Claudia Jan 10, 1769 NC or SC
Turner, Elizabeth Kennedy, William Aug 7, 1722 NC or SC
Turner, Henry Preacher, Eliza A Aug 31, 1856 NC or SC
Turner, Joseph Nichols, Tabitha Mar 26, 1724 NC or SC
Tyler, Mary J Mrs Simmons, B F Nov 23, 1842 NC or SC
Tyler, Warren Charles Reed, Maryhen Aug 19, 1841 NC or SC
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