Marriage Index: 1641-1944 Submitted by Charles Barnum
Name Name Date County/State
Radford, Eliza Brown, Stephen Aug 8, 1841 NC or SC
Ragin, Frances Harvin, Richard Aug 3, 1775 NC or SC
Raiford, Mary Pearson, John Apr 25, 1742 NC or SC
Rambert, Rachel Varner, Henry May 24, 1770 NC or SC
Rambo, Benajah Dobey, Mary Ann Oct 22, 1839 NC or SC
Ramsey, David Dr Ellis, Sabina Feb 9, 1775 NC or SC
Randal, Jackson Browning, Mary Jul 1, 1841 NC or SC
Randall, Dorcas Ran Lamotte, Anthony Mar 8, 1767 NC or SC
Raven, John Holmes, Sarah Nov 6, 1750 NC or SC
Ravenel, Daniel Prioleau, Catherine Apr 27, 1768 NC or SC
Ravenel, Daniel Jr Mazyck, Charlotte Feb 12, 1759 NC or SC
Ravenel, Henry Dwight, Esther Jan 19, 1819 NC or SC
Ravenel, Henry Porcher, Elizabeth May 24, 1822 NC or SC
Ravenel, Paul Lloyd, Susannah Jan 19, 1786 NC or SC
Ravenel, Rene De Daux, Isabel Feb 26, 1856 NC or SC
Ravenel, Rene Mazyck, Charlotte Feb 14, 1788 NC or SC
Ravenel, Stephen Mazyck, Catherine Dec 11, 1800 NC or SC
Rawlings, Edward Miles, Mary Apr 24, 1710 NC or SC
Rawlins, Ellen Croft, Childermas Aug 16, 1781 NC or SC
Ray, Louisa R Mcmillan, Thomas Feb 25, 1830 NC or SC
Ray, Martha C Blair, James J Nov 5, 1822 NC or SC
Ray, Peter R Flint, Mary 1792 NC or SC
Raynolds, Caroline Harper, Lewis F Nov 20, 1801 NC or SC
Re~~~~, Joana S Bize, Daniel Nov 3, 1799 NC or SC
Read, Benjamin Middleton, Mary J Feb 16, 1864 NC or SC
Redford, Simeon Radford, Susannah Mar 17, 1845 NC or SC
Redman, Samuel Andrews, Sarah Mrs Dec 25, 1801 NC or SC
Reed, unknown Pringe, John J Jan. 1784 NC or SC
Reed, Ann Alice Cooper, Clark Columbus Feb 16, 1842 NC or SC
Reed, George Anna Culler, W W Feb 1, 1849 NC or SC
Reed, Samuel Boilston, Elizabeth Dec 31, 1823 NC or SC
Reed, Samuel J Houser, Martha N Oct 15, 1854 NC or SC
Reeve, Ann Mrs Wigg, Thomas Mar 6, 1732 NC or SC
Reeves, Enos Legare, Amy Dec 22, 1784 NC or SC
Reid, Elizabeth Bull, William Aug 26, 1779 NC or SC
Reid, James Phillips, Eleanor G Jan 10, 1797 NC or SC
Reid, John Brinley, Mary Mrs Oct 12, 1799 NC or SC
Reid, Katy Burrington, Thomas Jun 20, 1751 NC or SC
Rembert, Elizabeth England, Thomas Nov 12, 1782 NC or SC
Rembert, Isaac Jeannert, Margaret May 13, 1773 NC or SC
Remington, John Jr Donovan, Sally Apr 6, 1774 NC or SC
Remington, Nancy Burton, Isaac Feb. 1775 NC or SC
Remington, William Dr Eaton, Anne May 19, 1769 NC or SC
Revel, Margaret Nicholls, George May 17, 1797 NC or SC
Reynolds, Lidia Arnoll, John Nov 18, 1722 NC or SC
Reynolds, Lucretia Bowen, J W S Jan 13, 1857 NC or SC
Rhodd, Mary Murray, William Jr Aug 29, 1813 NC or SC
Rhodes, Coleman Swearingen, Harriet Nov 1, 1840 NC or SC
Rice, Medora Duncan, William W Mar 19, 1861 NC or SC
Ricers, Robert Taylor, Jane Jun 2, 1785 NC or SC
Rich, Elizabeth Longworth, Archibald of NJ Aug 20, 1800 NC or SC
Richardson, Henry Dr Fraser, Mary Nov 2, 1801 NC or SC
Richardson, Susan Hill, Theophilus Jan 21, 1819 NC or SC
Richardson, William Guignard, Anne Oct 13, 1768 NC or SC
Rickenbacher, Henry Diel, Ann 1742 NC or SC
Riddle, Elizabeth Martin, Thomas Feb 10, 1853 NC or SC
Riddle, Graden Fowler, Gilly Jan 10, 1850 NC or SC
Riddle, John Wiggins, Betsy Dec 19, 1839 NC or SC
Riddle, Nancy Fowler, Wiley Feb 10, 1853 NC or SC
Riddle, Polly Brownlee, Trainham Feb 4, 1847 NC or SC
Righton, Mcgully Cook, Mary Mrs Dec 27, 1794 NC or SC
Rish, Lodusky Lowman, Jacob W Sep 15, 1858 NC or SC
Rivers, Mallory Burchell, Lois Dec 23, 1800 NC or SC
Rivers, Mary Ann Smith, George Feb 20, 1801 NC or SC
Rivers, Robert Taylor, Jane Jun 2, 1785 NC or SC
Roach, Francis Jennens, Mary Apr 17, 1768 NC or SC
Roach, William M'gregor, Mary May 15, 1797 NC or SC
Roberson, John Keal, Marian Feb. 1786 NC or SC
Roberts, John Phillips, Sarah Apr 17, 1797 NC or SC
Roberts, Mary N Kirk, Charles William Dec 16, 1821 NC or SC
Roberts, Rebecca J Mcmanus, Amos Mar 31, 1864 NC or SC
Robertson, John Trenholm, Ann May 13, 1795 NC or SC
Robertson, Milly Bramlet, Reuben Nov 8, 1842 NC or SC
Robinson, Frances Earle, Elias Sep 17, 1782 NC or SC
Robinson, John Butcher, Isabella 1748 NC or SC
Robinson, Mary Townsend, Thomas Feb 4, 1785 NC or SC
Rodgers, Mary Forrest, Elzey Jun 18, 1839 NC or SC
Rodgers, Rodah Bruton, Ira Oct 9, 1865 NC or SC
Rodgers, Samuel M Kirkpatrick, Jane M Oct 9, 1865 NC or SC
Roffe, Elizabeth Mrs Blakey, George Nov 22, 1767 NC or SC
Rogers, Isabella Read, Warren Dec 15, 1857 NC or SC
Rogers, Leander Putman, Emmaline Jan 28, 1847 NC or SC
Rogers, Mary Mrs Gillespie, David May 12, 1770 NC or SC
Rogers, Matthew Curry, Rachel Dec 4, 1851 NC or SC
Rogers, Sampson Martin, Elizabeth Mrs Jun 1, 1801 NC or SC
Rogers, Samuel Baker, Susannah Jul 3, 1794 NC or SC
Romering, Henry Adams, Martha Dec 29, 1800 NC or SC
Roox, Joseph Hughins, Mary Dec 24, 1844 NC or SC
Roper, William Jr Dart, Hannah May 5, 1771 NC or SC
Rose, Elizabeth Samways, James Jun 7, 1720 NC or SC
Ross, Francis Elliott, Mary Ann Feb 3, 1743 NC or SC
Ross, William Fuller, Ann Dec 9, 1743 NC or SC
Roth, Ann Mecket, William Dec 6, 1750 NC or SC
Rothmabler, Anne Mitchell, Thomas Aug 13, 1778 NC or SC
Roundtree, Georgia Scott, S C Major Jun 16, 1857 NC or SC
Rout, George Huston, Catherine 1788 NC or SC
Row, Magdaline Stecker, John Nov 18, 1800 NC or SC
Ruberry, John Jr Medel, Jane Mar 3, 1797 NC or SC
Rudhall, Anna M Mrs Bryan, Arthur 1788 NC or SC
Rudhall, Anne M Peace, Joseph Jul 5, 1796 NC or SC
Rumpf, Elizabeth Giessendanner, Henry Feb 25, 1767 NC or SC
Rumph, Barbara Tanner, John May 3, 1737 NC or SC
Rumph, Catherina Pendarvis, James Sep 5, 1741 NC or SC
Rumph, Elizabeth Giessendanner, Henry Feb 25, 1767 NC or SC
Rumph, Jacob Dattwyler, Ann May 19, 1748 NC or SC
Runnells, Caleb Holloway, Temperance Oct 30, 1852 NC or SC
Runnels, Caleb Halloway, Temperance Oct 30, 1852 NC or SC
Rush, Mary Clatworthy, James Feb 15, 1756 NC or SC
Russel, Mrs Imrie, John Sep 7, 1771 NC or SC
Russell, Margaret Russell, Joseph Oct 24, 1737 NC or SC
Russell, Widow Imrie, John Sep 7, 1771 NC or SC
Rutherford, Dorothy Ann Harriett, George D Feb 19, 1839 NC or SC
Rutherford, James Foy, Martha Dec 15, 1835 NC or SC
Rutherford, Joseph G Hardy, Tha Dec 15, 1831 NC or SC
Rutledge, Charles Smith, Caroline Mar 24, 1800 NC or SC
Rutledge, Hugh Smith, Ann Oct 8, 1783 NC or SC
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