Marriage Index: 1641-1944 Submitted by Charles Barnum
Name Name Date County/State
Page, George Celements, Catherine Nov 12, 1739 NC or SC
Page, John S Bass, Martha Louise Jan 10, 1847 NC or SC
Paine, Lucinda Boyd, William B Rev Apr 22, 1858 NC or SC
Paine, Mrs Brewton, Miles Mar. 1743 NC or SC
Parke, William Campbell, Margaret Oct 3, 1798 NC or SC
Parker, John Middleton, Susanna Dec 24, 1786 NC or SC
Paton, John Dobel, Sarah Sep 1, 1801 NC or SC
Patten, Mary Hellams, William Dec 21, 1854 NC or SC
Patterson, Nancy Mary Mills, John Jan 23, 1851 NC or SC
Patterson, William Fleming, Rebecca Oct 30, 1756 NC or SC
Pattison, Ann Kreps, Andrew Aug. 1785 NC or SC
Peacock, unknown Guerin, Matherin 1774 NC or SC
Pearson, Benjamin Adely, Frances A Oct 26, 1800 NC or SC
Pearson, Hambleton Harmon, Nancy Jan 29, 1857 NC or SC
Pearson, James Bruce, Judey Ann Jan 4, 1846 NC or SC
Pedro, Peter Graves, Patsy Apr 14, 1800 NC or SC
Pendarvis, Brand Jennings, Ursetta 1748 NC or SC
Penn, Ann L Bryan, B C Jan 17, 1854 NC or SC
Penrice, Elizabeth Pearson, William Mar 23, 1772 NC or SC
Perkins, Benjamin Kershaw, Sarah Jun. 1797 NC or SC
Peronneau, Arthur Hutson, Mary Jun. 1762 NC or SC
Peronneau, Miss Maybanks, Thomas Oct 22, 1800 NC or SC
Perroneau, Alexi Hext, Margaret Dec 23, 1744 NC or SC
Perroneau, Elizabeth Holmes, Isaac Jan 19, 1724 NC or SC
Perronneau, Ann Motte Ford, Jacob Jan 21, 1797 NC or SC
Perry, Benjamin F Hayne, Elizabeth Apr. 1837 NC or SC
Perry, John Clift, Sarah Jul 8, 1719 NC or SC
Perry, Josiah Lowndes, Sarah Mrs Dec 17, 1772 NC or SC
Perry, Miss Hartley, James Dr Mar. 1785 NC or SC
Perry, Rachel Logan, John Aug 20, 1784 NC or SC
Peterson, ?? Burnett, Elizabeth Nov 13, 1854 NC or SC
Peterson, Captain Halliday, Ann Jan 2, 1801 NC or SC
Peterson, Caroline Burdeth, Thomas Mar 27, 1851 NC or SC
Petree, Alexi Holland, Elizabeth Feb. 1748 NC or SC
Petton, Richard H Stobo, Anne May 26, 1795 NC or SC
Petty, Charles Davis, Julia D Apr 12, 1859 NC or SC
Peyton, Miss Hutchinson, Hugh Oct 4, 1800 NC or SC
Pfund, Ann Deramas, Joseph 1742 NC or SC
Pfund, Barbara Mrs Kitchen, John 1740 NC or SC
Phelon, Edward Barksdale, Susannah F Feb. 1789 NC or SC
Phelon, Edward M Sigourny, Mary E Mrs Nov 21, 1799 NC or SC
Phifer, Ann B Crawford, John Oct 17, 1816 NC or SC
Pickam, Margaret Mrs Gillen, Archibald Dec 10, 1800 NC or SC
Pickerine, Elizabeth Mccall, Hext Oct. 1783 NC or SC
Pickering, Anne Mrs Motte, Jacob Jun 19, 1763 NC or SC
Pickings, Ann Markis, Joseph Jul 19, 1750 NC or SC
Pickings, Martha Brimstone, Jonathan 1748 NC or SC
Pickings, N Flutt, George 1748 NC or SC
Pickings, Samuel Patton, N 1748 NC or SC
Piercy, Mary Mrs Appleton, Thomas Dec 11, 1801 NC or SC
Pieren, Magdalene Mrs Dorff, Hans Dec 10, 1740 NC or SC
Pinckney, Charles C Middleton, Sarah Sep 28, 1773 NC or SC
Pinckney, Harriet Horry, Daniel Feb 15, 1768 NC or SC
Pinckney, Mary Elliot, Thomas Oct 27, 1785 NC or SC
Pinckney, Roger Hume, Susannah Mrs Mar 26, 1769 NC or SC
Pinckney, Thomas Izard, Elizabeth Dec 27, 1803 NC or SC
Pinkney, Charles Laurens, Mary 1788 NC or SC
Pinson, Ann Babb, Newton Jan 17, 1852 NC or SC
Pinson, Elizabeth Hitch, Green Jul 24, 1866 NC or SC
Pitman, Hardy Guilliatt, Avey Mrs Sep 16, 1801 NC or SC
Poagg, John Wragg, Charlotte Jan 1, 1763 NC or SC
Poindexter, Eliza Fox, John Nov 1, 1832 NC or SC
Poindexter, Thomas Kinnerly, Mary Rall Mrs Dec 8, 1811 NC or SC
Poinsett, Joel Izard, Mary Oct 24, 1833 NC or SC
Pool, Franklin Fowler, Mary Sep 28, 1865 NC or SC
Pope, George Humphrey, Sarah Jun 19, 1739 NC or SC
Porcher, Elizabeth Mazyck, William Jul 5, 1764 NC or SC
Porter, Elizabeth Clegg Fraser, Rev Mar 31, 1796 NC or SC
Porteus, Robert Wigg, Ann Nov. 1771 NC or SC
Posey, Martin Holes, Matilda Feb 23, 1838 NC or SC
Postell, James Hayes, Mrs Jun 23, 1763 NC or SC
Postell, William Dawson, Mary Jan 29, 1786 NC or SC
Postlethwait, Frances Mrs Muckenfuss, Henry Apr 26, 1797 NC or SC
Poterfield, Margaret Mcferrin, Robert Jan 24, 1856 NC or SC
Powe, Caroline H Mciver, Henry Jun 7, 1849 NC or SC
Powell, Elizabeth Cryer, Thomas Jul 13, 1725 NC or SC
Powell, Sally Steward, Charles Augustus Jun 15, 1769 NC or SC
Power, John Mahaffey, Jane Dec 20, 1865 NC or SC
Power, Louisa Moore, Austin Nov 3, 1858 NC or SC
Powers, John Franks, Jane Dec 17, 1857 NC or SC
Poyas, James Frierson, Ann Apr 22, 1797 NC or SC
Pratt, Mary Mrs Mclean, John Aug. 1783 NC or SC
Prescott, Miles Harden, Martha Dec 1, 1836 NC or SC
Pressly, Elizabeth Abbey, Daniel Feb 16, 1843 NC or SC
Price, Nancy Patterson, Joseph Feb 2, 1834 NC or SC
Price, Thomas Chamberlain, Susan Nov 1, 1857 NC or SC
Prince, Lieutenant Lempriere, Ann Nov 17, 1763 NC or SC
Pringle, Mary Mitchell, Donald G May. 1853 NC or SC
Pringle, Robert Bull, Judith Mrs Apr 16, 1751 NC or SC
Prioleau, Samuel Jr Cordes, Catherine Oct 4, 1766 NC or SC
Provaux, Adrian D Perry, Eliza Mrs May 1, 1795 NC or SC
Pully, Charles Nelson, Nancy Nov 1, 1765 NC or SC
Pully, William Nelson, Susan Nov 1, 1865 NC or SC
Purdie, Joseph Besselleu, Johanna Jun 6, 1800 NC or SC
Purry, Eleanor Bull, John Mar 29, 1768 NC or SC
Putman, Arinda Burdett, Joseph Jan 16, 1851 NC or SC
Putman, John Garrett, Nancy E Dec 30, 1847 NC or SC
Putman, Kiziah Burns, Robertson Dec 7, 1847 NC or SC
Putman, Loucinda Burdine, William Aug 1, 1859 NC or SC
Putman, Martha Garrett, Washington Nov 13, 1866 NC or SC
Putman, Nancy Mary Ball, Y J Dec 30, 1846 NC or SC
Putman, Perry Parks, Mary Dec 21, 1848 NC or SC
Putman, Simeon Owings, Catherine Jan 4, 1844 NC or SC
Putman, Zalister Cheek, John Jun 8, 1852 NC or SC
Pyatt, Mary Alston, William Dr Feb 4, 1800 NC or SC
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