Marriage Index: 1641-1944 Submitted by Charles Barnum
Name Name Date County/State
I'on, Mary Wragg, Samuel Feb 19, 1801 NC or SC
O'bannon, Fannie J Bellinger, George D Jun 7, 1881 NC or SC
O'hare, James Gordon, Nancy Feb 10, 1774 NC or SC
O'hear, Nancy Hogood, Johnson Dec 8, 1794 NC or SC
O'neal, Gideon Forgy, Virginia Nov 22, 1857 NC or SC
O'neal, John Battin, Dorcas Sep 25, 1778 NC or SC
Odell, Emily Mccorcle, Alexander Oct 9, 1855 NC or SC
Odell, Sarah Fuller, Franklin Dr Oct 3, 1845 NC or SC
Ogier, Lewis Martin, Susanna Oct 2, 1783 NC or SC
Oliver, James Clark, Alice Mrs Jun 26, 1800 NC or SC
Oliver, Martha A Bowen, Robert E Oct 15, 1857 NC or SC
Olman, Joseph Deverge, Madame Feb 3, 1795 NC or SC
Ormond, William Faesch, Arabella May 5, 1796 NC or SC
Osborn, Mary Mitchell, William Jun 28, 1753 NC or SC
Ott, Esther Heller, John 1752 NC or SC
Ott, Melchior Zangin, Ann Barbara Feb 7, 1746 NC or SC
Otto, Anna Grieffous, Peter May 25, 1741 NC or SC
Outzs, James T Lowrey, Amila Frances May 13, 1856 NC or SC
Owens, Drady Aldrich, John Aug 18, 1822 NC or SC
Owings, Roberson Garrett, Charity Sep 29, 1850 NC or SC
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