Marriage Index: 1641-1944 Submitted by Charles Barnum
Name Name Date County/State
La Bruce, Joseph Allston, Hannah Feb 3, 1780 NC or SC
Ladson, Ann Gregory, James Jr Feb 5, 1801 NC or SC
Ladson, Robert Fleming, Sally Mar 18, 1773 NC or SC
Lamb, Sarah Keller, Willis Aug 28, 1851 NC or SC
Lambert, Mary Clerk, John Sep 15, 1770 NC or SC
Lammon, Robert Bronzon, Barbara Mrs May 28, 1751 NC or SC
Lance, Lambert Harvey, Sarah Jun 21, 1784 NC or SC
Landford, Martha Franks, Charles Jul 31, 1862 NC or SC
Landrum, Amos Hatcher, Elizabeth Aug 12, 1838 NC or SC
Lane, Catherine Anderson, William Nov 6, 1733 NC or SC
Lane, Hannah Gensel, John Jun 19, 1800 NC or SC
Lane, Robert De Bernice, unknown Jul 13, 1799 NC or SC
Lane, Sarah J Heedson, Eli Dec 14, 1848 NC or SC
Lanford, Amanda Griffith, Harrison P Jan 22, 1861 NC or SC
Lanford, Mary Parsons, Martin Oct 2, 1845 NC or SC
Lanford, Miss Curnal, Willis Sep 15, 1859 NC or SC
Langston, Virginia Finley, John Dec 7, 1865 NC or SC
Lansford, James Gining, Malissa Sep 10, 1859 NC or SC
Larry, Michael Koch, Regular 1740 NC or SC
Latson, Eliza Hartley, James Dr 1788 NC or SC
Laurens, James Crawford, Mary Mrs Aug 19, 1761 NC or SC
Law, Thomas H Adger, Anna E Mar 16, 1860 NC or SC
Lawrence, Jonathan Daniel, Elizabeth May. 1777 NC or SC
Lawrence, Samuel Givens, Elizabeth Mrs Jan 18, 1801 NC or SC
Layton, Martha Crow, Simpson Dec 21, 1865 NC or SC
Leak, William Willis, Mary 1851 NC or SC
Lee, Sarah Denny, Thomas Oct 29, 1769 NC or SC
Lee, William Hrabowski, Harriet May 16, 1796 NC or SC
Legar, James Stewart, Kezia Mar 25, 1779 NC or SC
Legare, Elizabeth Ashe, John Oct 23, 1783 NC or SC
Legare, Mary Doughty, Thomas Oct 11, 1768 NC or SC
Legare, Rebecca Theus, Simeon Jul. 1784 NC or SC
Leger, Peter Jr Haig, Elizabeth Nov 23, 1760 NC or SC
Lejau, Anne Huger, Daniel Oct 19, 1749 NC or SC
Lesesne, Thomas Boyd, Elizabeth Dec. 1785 NC or SC
Levy, Samuel Abrahams, Hannah Jun 1, 1796 NC or SC
Libray, Margaret Jandon, Paul Dec 21, 1743 NC or SC
Liebert, Ann Brown, George Aug 5, 1797 NC or SC
Liles, William Prescott, Ellen Mar 2, 1837 NC or SC
Linder, Daniel Hill, Sarah Mar 14, 1754 NC or SC
Lindrey, Sarah Blake, Joseph Jun 16, 1720 NC or SC
Lining, Charles Rose, Mary Mrs Nov 4, 1784 NC or SC
Lites, Abraham Atkins, Jane Sep 5, 1816 NC or SC
Littell, Aaron Jennison, Elizabeth Nov 27, 1766 NC or SC
Livingston, Anne Champneys, John Nov 3, 1763 NC or SC
Livingston, Martha Abney, James B Dec 21, 1848 NC or SC
Lloyd, John Jones, Anne Mrs Jan 12, 1764 NC or SC
Lloyd, Rebecca Carson, William Jan 16, 1770 NC or SC
Lloyd, William King, Hannah L May 16, 1826 NC or SC
Lock, Mr Gary, Amanda May 7, 1857 NC or SC
Lockheart, Adeline Woodruff, James Jan 22, 1851 NC or SC
Logan, Mary Lewis, Elias Jul 29, 1761 NC or SC
Long, E Augustine Hatcher, B W Feb 8, 1842 NC or SC
Long, Mary Smith, John Sep 19, 1782 NC or SC
Long, Vary L Kenney, Benjamin G Jan 27, 1828 NC or SC
Lord, Andrew Gadson, Anne Nov 15, 1770 NC or SC
Lord, John Brown, Margaret Feb 19, 1767 NC or SC
Lothrop, Seth Weyman, Sarah Mrs Apr. 1785 NC or SC
Lott, Eliza Elmore, Spencer Dec 1, 1836 NC or SC
Love, Charles Warner, Eliza Jun. 1786 NC or SC
Lovell, Frances Izlar, James Feb 24, 1859 NC or SC
Lowndes, Rawlins Cartwright, Mary Dec 31, 1751 NC or SC
Lowndes, Sabin Huger, William H May 10, 1865 NC or SC
Lowndes, Thomas Deas, Allen Feb 12, 1828 NC or SC
Lowrey, Conrad M Ganes, Amina Hamutal Feb 4, 1815 NC or SC
Lyles, Ora Irby, James H Jr Oct 20, 1857 NC or SC
Lynch, Elijah J Crittenden, Stephen S May 17, 1855 NC or SC
Lynch, Thomas Alston, Elizabeth Sep 5, 1745 NC or SC
Lynch, Thomas Motte, Hannah Mar 6, 1755 NC or SC
Lyons, Joseph Grim, Susannah Mrs Jan 4, 1740 NC or SC
Lyons, Perneasy Curry, Butler Dec 3, 1857 NC or SC
Lambert, Emanuel Kephart, Catharine Nov 9, 1848 NC or SC
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