Marriage Index: 1641-1944 Submitted by Charles Barnum
Name Name Date County/State
Jackson, William of NY Brooks, Hetty of CT .Aug 9, 1800 NC or SC
Jacobs, Abraham Hart, Shankey .Oct 19, 1785 NC or SC
Jacobs, William P Dillard, Mary J .Apr 20, 1865 NC or SC
Janieson, James Simons, Rebecca 1773 NC or SC
Jeanerette, Betsy Glover, Joseph .Apr. 1784 NC or SC
Jefferies, William Hames, Ramoth L .Apr 3, 1860 NC or SC
Jenings, Mary Hunt, Thomas .Jan 21, 1800 NC or SC
Jenkins, M Chaley, Thomas .Apr 13, 1797 NC or SC
Jennings, Anna Catherine Faust, Curtis Cornelius .Dec 21, 1860 NC or SC
Jennings, Elias Austen, Elizabeth Mrs .Jun 21, 1800 NC or SC
Jennings, Hulda Mrs Tompkins, James .Jan 7, 1819 NC or SC
Jennings, John Dutarque, Mary .Jan 20, 1765 NC or SC
Jennings, Millery Timmerman, John .Dec 22, 1854 NC or SC
Jennings, Philip Hasford, Elizabeth Mrs .Feb 7, 1747 NC or SC
Jennings, Whitfield Griffin, Martha .Nov 4, 1857 NC or SC
Jeter, Mary Douglas, James T .Dec 5, 1866 NC or SC
Johnson, Lydia Huger, Daniel .Dec 4, 1747 NC or SC
Johnson, Malinda Alexander, Jefferson .Jan 29, 1843 NC or SC
Johnson, Margaret Izard, Henry .Sep 26, 1739 NC or SC
Johnson, Rachel Anderson, James .Dec 3, 1778 NC or SC
Johnson, Sarah Cromwell, Oliver .Aug 30, 1796 NC or SC
Johnston, Anne Mrs Coachman, James May. 5, 1773 NC or SC
Jones, Amanda Crooker, T B .Dec 18, 1856 NC or SC
Jones, Bryant Berry, Elizabeth .Mar 10, 1836 NC or SC
Jones, Emma Gary, Duff .Feb 19, 1861 NC or SC
Jones, Esther Lewis, James .Sep 5, 1751 NC or SC
Jones, Harriett Dillon, James W .Apr 2, 1851 NC or SC
Jones, Mary Gaillard, James .Jul 19, 1763 NC or SC
Jones, Mary Ann Ayers, David W .Apr 25, 1854 NC or SC
Jones, Miss Cossens, Edmund .Apr. 1774 NC or SC
Jones, Sarah Baldwin, Peter .Jan 25, 1855 NC or SC
Jones, Susannah Moore, James W Dr .Oct 4, 1770 NC or SC
Jordan, Elizabeth Boone, John .Jan 19, 1762 NC or SC
Joudon, Esther Barnard, James .Dec 3, 1761 NC or SC
Joyner, Joseph Jackson, Miles .Jan 1, 1741 NC or SC
Joyner, Thomas Carse, Faithy 1740 NC or SC
Jubb, John Shuler, Eve Catherine 1740 NC or SC
Juhoan, Maria Godard, Rene .Feb 7, 1795 NC or SC
St John, Mary Ball, Archibald S .Feb 13, 1800 NC or SC
St Julian, Charlotte Ravenel, Rene .Oct 24, 1687 NC or SC
St Julian, Elizabeth D Moultree, William .Dec 19, 1749 NC or SC
St Julian, Jane Mary Mazyck, Isaac .Jul 17, 1728 NC or SC
St Julian, Judith De Guerard, David .Oct 26, 1767 NC or SC
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