Marriage Index: 1641-1944 Submitted by Charles Barnum
Name Name Date County/State
De La Howe, John Boyd, Anne Mrs Apr 23, 1767 NC or SC
Haddrell, Elizabeth Gibbes, Robert Apr 2, 1641 NC or SC
Hadfield, John Swallow, Sarah Jan 6, 1765 NC or SC
Haley, Eleanor Fitzpatrick, Nicholas Jan 1, 1801 NC or SC
Hall, Maria Brisbane, William S Mar 19, 1795 NC or SC
Hall, Sarah Cattell, John Apr 24, 1728 NC or SC
Hall, Susan M Gaillard, Peyre Dec 26, 1799 NC or SC
Hall, Thomas Newton, Mary Nov 7, 1785 NC or SC
Hamilton, John Myers, Catherina Mrs Jul 1, 1741 NC or SC
Hamlin, Thomas Jordan, Margaret Aug 23, 1780 NC or SC
Hammonds, Rebecca Delong, John Nov 21, 1846 NC or SC
Hanback, Silas Gwin, Eliza M Jan 6, 1848 NC or SC
Hance, Enheina Crews, Thomas B Oct 26, 1856 NC or SC
Hancock, Mary Goelett, James Feb 27, 1743 NC or SC
Handshy, Mary Keller, Matthias 10 5 1904 NC or SC
Handy, Thomas Gilchrist, Dorothy Mrs Aug 6, 1799 NC or SC
Hannahan, John Jr Godfrey, Ann Nov 20, 1800 NC or SC
Hanner, Jane Martin, Reuben Sep 24, 1857 NC or SC
Hanner, Laburn Campbell, Epsey Mar 25, 1848 NC or SC
Hanner, Rebecca Barnett, William Dec 9, 1865 NC or SC
Hapoldt, John C Ernst, Elizabeth May. 22, 1795 NC or SC
Hare, Nancy Buckle, Thomas 11 22 1904 NC or SC
Harford, Elizabeth Elliot, Humphrey Jan 25, 1725 NC or SC
Harleston, Margaret Corbett, Thomas Jun 8, 1769 NC or SC
Harman, Godfrey M Boozer, Pauline Nov 24, 1864 NC or SC
Harries, Peter Cain, Mary Jun 4, 1761 NC or SC
Harris, Charles Christie, Betsy Jan 1, 1773 NC or SC
Harris, Franklin Carothers, Martha Neely Nov 25, 1836 NC or SC
Harris, Molly Finley, James Nov 29, 1866 NC or SC
Harris, Sarah Bridwell, Pleasant Apr 1, 1832 NC or SC
Harris, Sarah Bryant, Jesse Jan 26, 1836 NC or SC
Hart, Ann Buzzard, James Feb 19, 1856 NC or SC
Hartley, Mary Mrs Dupre, Cornelius Dec 2, 1784 NC or SC
Harvey, Benjamin Keeley, Susannah Mrs Jan 26, 1795 NC or SC
Hasell, George P B Bentley, Penelope Sep 20, 1802 NC or SC
Hasell, Thomas Rev Ashby, Elizabeth Jan 21, 1714 NC or SC
Hassell, Mary Gadsden, Christopher0 Dec. 1759 NC or SC
Hatcher, Polly Gomillion, John Jul 6, 1820 NC or SC
Hatcher, Sirrah Fuster, John 10 6 1904 NC or SC
Hawthorne, Robert Gibson, Priscilla January 4 1905 NC or SC
Hayne, Isaac Hopkins, Mary Dec 12, 1793 NC or SC
Hayne, William Edward Brevard, Eloise Jan 28, 1806 NC or SC
Hayward, Daniel Simons, Elizabeth Sep 7, 1771 NC or SC
Hazell, John Shelback, Mary Apr 26, 1801 NC or SC
Hazlehurst, Robert Hall, Eliza 11 22 1904 NC or SC
Hazzard, Margaret Mrs Dolliver, Henry Jul 14, 1799 NC or SC
Henderson, Elizabeth Newman, Benjamin Nov 21, 1858 NC or SC
Henderson, Gersette Mahaffey, Hiram Jan 30, 1865 NC or SC
Henderson, Grety Clardy, James Apr 4, 1844 NC or SC
Henderson, Jane Boyd, John Jan 20, 1853 NC or SC
Henderson, Sarah Mrs Fowler, John P Feb 1, 1859 NC or SC
Henry, Alexander Flemming, Elizabeth Jan 5, 1797 NC or SC
Henry, Dorcas Finley, John Oct 8, 1844 NC or SC
Henry, Susan Nickles, Thomas Dec 23, 1845 NC or SC
Heriot, Roger Booth, Catherine (Of En Mar 24, 1801 NC or SC
Herries, Mary Webb, Thomas Aug 31, 1770 NC or SC
Herring, Margaret Cuntz, Felix Apr 15, 1800 NC or SC
Hester, John Cummings, Martha Oct 28, 1838 NC or SC
Hewatt, Andrew Elliott, Katherine Mrs Jun 19, 1773 NC or SC
Hewitt, Hill England, Martha Oct 30, 1782 NC or SC
Hext, Margaret Mrs Dart, John Apr 25, 1746 NC or SC
Heyward, Ann Mrs Cruger, Nicholas Jr Oct 2, 1799 NC or SC
Heywood, John Jr Barnwell, Mary 11 22 1904 NC or SC
Hickey, William Gant, Rebecca 10 11 1904 NC or SC
Hicks, Joshua Adams, Diana Sep 19, 1794 NC or SC
Higgins, Martha Mrs Garrett, Harman Dec 14, 1843 NC or SC
Higgins, Permelia Fleming, Preston Sep 25, 1856 NC or SC
Hill, Capt Butler, Elizabeth Mrs Dec. 1785 NC or SC
Hill, Caroline Chamblen, James Oct 7, 1845 NC or SC
Hill, James L Holden, Eliza January 15 1905 NC or SC
Hill, Sarah Mrs Semple, William Aug. 1785 NC or SC
Hill, William Downs, Adalade Nov 19, 1844 NC or SC
Hilliard, Oliver Crawford, Ann May. 1, 1800 NC or SC
Hodge, Sarah F Bradham, Daniel Oct 13, 1859 NC or SC
Hogg, Alexander Brisbane, Mrs Jul 18, 1773 NC or SC
Holliday, James Goff, Mary Ann Apr 30, 1855 NC or SC
Holloway, Mary Ann Williams, H R Feb 28, 1840 NC or SC
Holmes,, unknown Simmons, James May.. 1759 NC or SC
Holmes, Ann Hawthorne, Adam Apr 23, 1799 NC or SC
Holmes, Elizabeth Brailsford, Samuel Apr 7, 1750 NC or SC
Holmes, Elizabeth Farr, Thomas Jr Nov 23, 1760 NC or SC
Holmes, Isaac Air, Elizabeth Jan 5, 1779 NC or SC
Holmes, Isaac Bee, Rebecca May. 8, 1759 NC or SC
Holmes, John Bee Edwards, Elizabeth Nov 12, 1783 NC or SC
Holmes, Rebecca Mrs Edwards, John Dec 30, 1773 NC or SC
Holmes, Susannah Bee, Thomas May. 5, 1761 NC or SC
Hooker, A Brownrigg, George Oct 6, 1783 NC or SC
Hopkins, Jane Massey, Philip Jan 20, 1733 NC or SC
Hopkins, Mary Hayne, Isaac Dr Dec 12, 1793 NC or SC
Hopkins, Samuel Danridge, Frances Mrs Jun 21, 1770 NC or SC
Horguer, Magdalene Murer, Peter Apr 2, 1751 NC or SC
Horlbeck, Margaret Ficken, John F Mar 30, 1871 NC or SC
Horrey, Daniel Ford, Sarah Dec 20, 1743 NC or SC
Horry, Daniel Serri, Judith Dec 9, 1759 NC or SC
Hosley, John Avery, Isabella Feb 13, 1801 NC or SC
Houseal, Wm Frederick Cap Geiselhart, Anna Margaretta 11 6 1904 NC or SC
How, Mary Gibbes, Robert Feb 6, 1855 NC or SC
How, Thomas Gibbes, Ann Jun 25, 1829 NC or SC
Howard, Tillman Randall, Polly Oct 26, 1854 NC or SC
Howser, John Fleck, Mary Mrs Jan. 1786 NC or SC
Hubbard, Jane Coxe, James Mar 21, 1849 NC or SC
Huber, Joseph Horrmutt, Elizabeth Sep 4, 1753 NC or SC
Hudgens, Miss Blakely, Dock Oct 18, 1864 NC or SC
Hudgens, William Hill, Alice Feb 1, 1866 NC or SC
Huger, Daniel Cendron, Elizabeth Jan 25, 1710 NC or SC
Huger, Daniel Cordes, Mary May. 14, 1741 NC or SC
Huger, John Cresack, Mrs Jan 11, 1785 NC or SC
Huger, Margaret Horry, Elias Aug 17, 1704 NC or SC
Huggens, Sally Downy, James Feb 11, 1858 NC or SC
Hughes, John Winn, Sarah May. 19, 1792 NC or SC
Hughes, Mary A Adams, Cicero May. 27, 1856 NC or SC
Hughs, Miss Garrett, Mancel Aug 27, 1859 NC or SC
Hughs, William Howard, Polly Ann Aug 3, 1843 NC or SC
Hull, William Bonney, Ann May. 1, 1745 NC or SC
Hunt, Joseph Gray, Martha May.. 1772 NC or SC
Hunter, Sarah Duckett, James Jun 4, 1845 NC or SC
Hutson, Anne Barnwell, John Jr May. 7, 1777 NC or SC
Hutson, Mary Barnwell, Edward Jul 29, 1790 NC or SC
Hyane, Harriet Barnwell, Edward H Nov 20, 1860 NC or SC
O'hare, James Gordon, Nancy Feb 10, 1774 NC or SC
O'hear, Nancy Hogood, Johnson Dec 8, 1794 NC or SC
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