Marriage Index: 1641-1944 Submitted by Charles Barnum
Name Name Date County/State
Gable, Eliza C Smith, O D Jan 24, 1856 NC or SC
Gadsden, Christopher Godfrey, Jane Jul 28, 1746 NC or SC
Gadsden, Christopher Hassell, Mary Dec. 1759 NC or SC
Gaillard, Ban Webb, Elizabeth Feb 19, 1769 NC or SC
Gaillard, Charles Dupree, Ann Sep 13, 1770 NC or SC
Gaillard, John Boone, Susan Nov 10, 1768 NC or SC
Gaillard, Lydia Dutarque, John Aug 24, 1774 NC or SC
Gallman, Jamina Arthur, James Dec 14, 1834 NC or SC
Garden, Benjamin Godin, Amelia Jan 17, 1765 NC or SC
Garden, Fannie E Furman, Charles M Feb 1, 1864 NC or SC
Gardiner, Mary E Byrd, Daniel Dec 18, 1855 NC or SC
Gare, Hortence F Chinners, John C Mar 29, 1800 NC or SC
Garrett, Edward Durham, Sarah Dec 18, 1850 NC or SC
Garrett, Eliza Anderson, George Feb 21, 1850 NC or SC
Garrett, Hosea Power, Isabella Mar 23, 1851 NC or SC
Garrett, Nancy Cheek, Austin May 20, 1852 NC or SC
Garrett, Potiller Dorham, Susan Jul 24, 1850 NC or SC
Garrett, Sallie Garrett, Vandiver Jul 19, 1866 NC or SC
Garrett, Sarah Moore, Stephen Aug 14, 1845 NC or SC
Garrett, Washington Cheek, Jamima Oct 28, 1853 NC or SC
Garrison, Matilda Moseley, George Dec 23, 1851 NC or SC
Gaston, James Mcf. Brumby, Sue G Nov 2, 1852 NC or SC
Geltzer, Daniel Brick, Margaret Mrs 1748 NC or SC
George, Christiana Bradford, Thomas 1788 NC or SC
Gibbes, Alston Chisholm, Sarah Dec 31, 1819 NC or SC
Gibbes, Anne Thomas, Edward Sep 27, 1767 NC or SC
Gibbes, Henry Allston, Elizabeth Aug 29, 1782 NC or SC
Gibbes, John Bedon, Elizabeth Aug 25, 1748 NC or SC
Gibbes, John Guerin, Susanna Jan 26, 1785 NC or SC
Gibbes, John Jennys, Elizabeth Mrs Aug. 1743 NC or SC
Gibbes, Mary Harvey, James Mar 23, 1769 NC or SC
Gibbes, Sarah R Barnwell, William W Jan 11, 1816 NC or SC
Gibbes, William Bennison, Mary Feb 7, 1743 NC or SC
Gibbes, William Cook, Mary Oct 30, 1702 NC or SC
Gibbes, William Culcheth, Anne Aug 8, 1716 NC or SC
Gibbes, William Hasell, Elizabeth Feb 12, 1749 NC or SC
Gibbs, Jasper Drake, Laura Mrs Apr 7, 1839 NC or SC
Gibson, Sally Moore, Michael Apr 5, 1820 NC or SC
Gibson, Thomas Poyas, Louisa Dec 5, 1799 NC or SC
Gibson, William Fatio, Mary Aug 26, 1801 NC or SC
Giessendanner, George Diedrich, Agnes Mrs Jun. 1745 NC or SC
Gilchrist, Adam Budd, Hetty Jun 10, 1784 NC or SC
Gill, Rebecca M Galluchat, Joseph Oct 22, 1846 NC or SC
Gillespie, Nancy Castlebury, Paul Feb 15, 1824 NC or SC
Gillideau, Mary Singletary, Thomas Jan 6, 1785 NC or SC
Gillison, Anna M Huguenin, Abraham Apr 9, 1801 NC or SC
Gillon, Alexi Cripps, Mary Mrs Jul 13, 1766 NC or SC
Gilman, Louisa Foster, Robert Nov 23, 1801 NC or SC
Gilroy, Margaret Ross, George Jan. 1786 NC or SC
Gilson, Adela G Lartigue, Isador Mar 13, 1845 NC or SC
Gist, Jane M Brooks, John H Dec 30, 1858 NC or SC
Given, Agnes Duche, Benjamin May. 1784 NC or SC
Gladding, Joseph Wilkins, Martha Mar 21, 1801 NC or SC
Glen, Miss Drayton, John Feb. 1752 NC or SC
Glenn, Elizabeth Switzer, John Apr 25, 1859 NC or SC
Glenn, Lydia J Mcpherson, James Jan 10, 1772 NC or SC
Gochran, Elizabeth Bland, E M Jan 26, 1840 NC or SC
Godfrey, James Culbertson, Elizabeth Jan 13, 1859 NC or SC
Godfrey, Mary Kannady, John Sep 29, 1747 NC or SC
Godrey, Sarah Whitaker, Benjamin May 20, 1719 NC or SC
Golden, Ann Baddeley, John Nov 9, 1784 NC or SC
Golightly, Mrs Hyrne, Henry Jun. 1759 NC or SC
Gomillion, Lovett Spann, Mary Ann Jan 3, 1852 NC or SC
Goode, Samuel F Gomillion, Mary Jun 28, 1840 NC or SC
Goodman, Nancy Bowman, Zachariah Aug 27, 1801 NC or SC
Goodwin, John Street, Elizabeth Mrs Aug. 1743 NC or SC
Gorden, Ann P Bobo, Robert May 6, 1858 NC or SC
Gordon, James Vaux, Mary Feb 13, 1764 NC or SC
Gough, Thomas Creighton, Leslie Mrs Aug. 1783 NC or SC
Gourdine, Theodore Gaillard, Elizabeth Oct 20, 1785 NC or SC
Grant, John Cameron, Mary Mrs Jun. 1785 NC or SC
Gray, Margaret Mrs Gordon, James Jan 16, 1800 NC or SC
Gray, Nancy Alexander, William S Mar 7, 1835 NC or SC
Gray, Robert Taylor, Liza Aug 7, 1845 NC or SC
Gray, Zinah Davis, Zephaniah Feb 16, 1786 NC or SC
Green, James C Farquhar, Margaret M Mar 16, 1797 NC or SC
Green, Samuel Campbell, Catherine Sep 20, 1765 NC or SC
Greenage, Mary Lenox, William Oct 6, 1794 NC or SC
Greene, Daniel J Adams, Elizabeth Mrs Apr 22, 1784 NC or SC
Greene, Polly Lewis, Stephen Rev Mar 1, 1785 NC or SC
Greenland, George Simmons, Peter Dec 30, 1770 NC or SC
Gregory, Perasday Able, A R Jul 12, 1855 NC or SC
Grey, William Andrew, Hannah Jul 11, 1721 NC or SC
Grice, John Gallman, Sally Oct 5, 1828 NC or SC
Grice, Joseph Autry, Rebecca Jan 28, 1836 NC or SC
Grier, Rebecca Grier, Joseph Aug. 1785 NC or SC
Griffin, Lewis Davidson, Susanna Jun 5, 1801 NC or SC
Griffith, Michael Rutherford, Joseph Jun 5, 1808 NC or SC
Griffith, Sicily Cooper, Elijah Mar 20, 1845 NC or SC
Griggs, Clemand Jenkins, Lydia Jun 8, 1771 NC or SC
Grimball, John Berkeley, Eliza Apr 25, 1797 NC or SC
Grimke, Mary Fraser, Alexander Mar 20, 1755 NC or SC
Grimkie, John F Smith, Polly Oct 5, 1784 NC or SC
Grochan, John De Grasse, Adelle Feb 17, 1801 NC or SC
Grossman, John Stephen, Margaret Oct 11, 1753 NC or SC
Guerin, unknown Stone, Thomas May. 1759 NC or SC
Guerin, Elizabeth Cruger, David Jun. 1786 NC or SC
Guerry, Mary Roberts, Jonah May 3, 1774 NC or SC
Guignard, Caroline Gibbes, Robert Dec 20, 1827 NC or SC
Gyger, Ann Barbara Ernst, Anthony 1740 NC or SC
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