Marriage Index: 1641-1944 Submitted by Charles Barnum
Name Name Date County/State
Farmer, James Ellis, Rebecca Jan 27, 1774 NC or SC
Farquhar, John Bisset, Miss Jan. 1786 NC or SC
Faust, Christian Abstance, Eunice November 29, 1904 NC or SC
Fell, Isabella Perman, George Nov 15, 1801 NC or SC
Fenwicke, Edward Drayton, Mary Mar 2, 1753 NC or SC
Fgibbes, Robert Haddrell, Elizabeth Apr 2, 1641 NC or SC
Fichtner, Margaret Ott, Jacob Dec 3, 1754 NC or SC
Fickline, George Campbell, Jane May 13, 1742 NC or SC
Fickling, Sarah J Blythewood, Benjamin R Jan 14, 1813 NC or SC
Fields, Sarah Elms, William Jul. 1784 NC or SC
Finley, James Allison, Margaret January 17, 1905 NC or SC
Fitch, James Campbell, Helen Jul 28, 1764 NC or SC
Fitcher, Elizabeth Knobel, George Frederick Mar 25, 1753 NC or SC
Flagg, Henry C Dr Allston, Mrs Dec 5, 1784 NC or SC
Flowers, William Blanchar Colding, Indiana Lucy Nov 28, 1844 NC or SC
Fontain, Jane Mrs Collins, Daniel Apr 11, 1801 NC or SC
Ford, Ann Hughes, Meredith Jan 9, 1772 NC or SC
Ford, Elizabeth Nash Neale, Philip Jul 18, 1797 NC or SC
Ford, George Wayne, Kitty May. 1784 NC or SC
Forgartie, Esther Axson, Thomas Dec. 1783 NC or SC
Forgatt, Francis Culliatt, Mary May 27, 1784 NC or SC
Forrest, Elzey Rogers, Mary Jun 18, 1839 NC or SC
Forrest, Thomas J Forrest, Tabitha C Jun 27, 1857 NC or SC
Forshaw, Sarah Flint, Thomas Jan 7, 1797 NC or SC
Foster, Thomas Brewton, Mary Mrs Jun 19, 1784 NC or SC
Fowle, William Brownlow, Ann Aug 22, 1825 NC or SC
Fowler, Sarah Check, Willis Nov 27, 1856 NC or SC
Franklin, Benjamin Bobo, Elizabeth Harper Jul 28, 1839 NC or SC
Franks, Barksdale Barksdale, Mary Jan 2, 1866 NC or SC
Fraser, Alexander Harvey, Anne Nov 6, 1749 NC or SC
Fraser, Anne Cattell, William Jr Aug 1, 1746 NC or SC
Frederick, Betsy Nicholas, Stewart Nov 1, 1772 NC or SC
Frice, Jesse Grice, Sally Dec 2, 1830 NC or SC
Frichman, Elizabeth Harresperger, John Apr 30, 1751 NC or SC
Frickling, Samuel Wilkie, Ann E Nov 17, 1801 NC or SC
Frierson, Ann Poyas, Jamesn Apr 22, 1797 NC or SC
Frierson, John Bannister, Ann Apr 28, 1785 NC or SC
Fripp, Mary J Tennent, Charles E Jul 25, 1844 NC or SC
Fripp, Paul Jr Jenkins, Betsey Oct. 1783 NC or SC
Fritchman, M Shnell, Elias October 11, 1904 NC or SC
Fuller, Elizabeth Mcqueen, Alexander Jan 14, 1774 NC or SC
Fuller, Henry Culbers, Sarah Nov 13, 1856 NC or SC
Fuller, Martha Forgy, Mattison Mar 29, 1864 NC or SC
Fuller, Ofelia Coleman, Franklin Dr Apr 12, 1860 NC or SC
Fuller, Thomas Foley, Catherine November 7, 1904 NC or SC
Furman, Richard Cammer, Margaret Apr 15, 1841 NC or SC
Fuster, Salome Davis, Samuel October 5, 1904 NC or SC
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