Marriage Index: 1641-1944 Submitted by Charles Barnum
Name Name Date County/State
Babb, Liza Riddle, Richardson Oct 5, 1865 NC or SC
Bacot, Peter Harramond, Elizabeth Nov 11, 1764 NC or SC
Bailey, Dorothy Walker, Tandy Mar 20, 1856 NC or SC
Baker, John Legare, Amy Oct 13, 1767 NC or SC
Baker, Mary Williams, John Jun 16, 1720 NC or SC
Barksdale, George Downs, Cornelia Oct 15, 1846 NC or SC
Barksdale, Jane Parks, James Nov 28, 1844 NC or SC
Barnes, Wesley Gray, Susan Dec 19, 1838 NC or SC
Barnett, Jane Atkins, Robert Sep 19, 1793 NC or SC
Barnett, Permelia Crow, Robert Jan 29, 1867 NC or SC
Barnwell, Catherine Bryan, Hugh Jan 2, 1734 NC or SC
Barnwell, Robert W Barnwell, Eliza Aug 9, 1827 NC or SC
Barnwell, William H W Barnwell, Catherine Nov 26, 1829 NC or SC
Barrin, Eva C Hayner, John George Aug 24, 1755 NC or SC
Barton, John Pearcey, Elizabeth Jul 9, 1778 NC or SC
Bedel, Hepzibah Ralton, Richard Feb 22, 1722 NC or SC
Bee, Ann Axson, Jacob Jan 7, 1800 NC or SC
Bee, John Miller, Martha Jun 7, 1731 NC or SC
Bee, Joseph Duboise, Susanna Mrs Nov 13, 1783 NC or SC
Bee, Rachel Rivers, Jonathan Mar 2, 1786 NC or SC
Bell, James Chovin, Esther May 23, 1768 NC or SC
Bell, Sarah P Allen, Thomas P 1834 NC or SC
Berresford, Elizabeth Delancy, Peter Oct 1, 1770 NC or SC
Berwick, John Ash, Ann Mrs Jan 2, 1774 NC or SC
Bethea, Mary Ayers, Hartwell Feb 2, 1815 NC or SC
Biddys, M Miss Montier, Lewis 1740 NC or SC
Billinger, Lucy Rose, William Dec 10, 1743 NC or SC
Black, James B Ayer, Hattie Aug 1, 1872 NC or SC
Blake, Mary Rose, Thomas Oct 13, 1774 NC or SC
Blum, Eliza Corbett Coward, Asbury Dec 25, 1856 NC or SC
Bochett, Ann Barnett, John Dec 2, 1762 NC or SC
Bolt, Sarah J Hellams, Calvin Dec 22, 1859 NC or SC
Bolt, William Allison, Susan Dec 14, 1858 NC or SC
Bommer, Miss Cole, Richard May 27, 1777 NC or SC
Bonneau, Jane Mrs Ewing, Robert Sep. 1785 NC or SC
Bonner, Margaret Baird, James Jan 24, 1801 NC or SC
Bonpost, Jacob Bernard, Judith Nov 26, 1761 NC or SC
Boone, Mary Ford, George Oct 13, 1778 NC or SC
Boone, Susan White, Henry Dec 5, 1771 NC or SC
Boone, Thomas Jr Atkinson, Hannah Sep 14, 1769 NC or SC
Boswood, Mary Mell, Thomas Dec 23, 1718 NC or SC
Bouknight, Leah Bear, William Dec 19, 1839 NC or SC
Bowman, Rosa Atkins, James Dec 28, 1816 NC or SC
Boyd, Susan Hill, Thomas Dec 13, 1860 NC or SC
Boyleston, Nicholas Bentham, Mary Dec 7, 1794 NC or SC
Brailsford, Morton Stanyarne, Mary Oct 25, 1753 NC or SC
Breeden, J B Ayers, Elizabeth Bethea Dec 20, 1854 NC or SC
Britton, Elizabeth Mrs Simons, Shadrick Aug. 1785 NC or SC
Brown, Berreman Knight, Mary Mar 10, 1858 NC or SC
Brown, Emma Louise Addison, Joseph Dr Feb 27, 1850 NC or SC
Brown, Joseph Ash, Mary Mrs Jan 29, 1795 NC or SC
Brown, Martha Owins, Young Oct 29, 1865 NC or SC
Bryan, John Simons, Rachel Apr 24, 1777 NC or SC
Buchanan, Sally Ballentine, James Mar 10, 1772 NC or SC
Bull, Stephen Barnwell, Anna Middleton May 24, 1772 NC or SC
Bunch, Paul Winigum, Amy 1748 NC or SC
Burdett, Milly Wells, Stephen Apr 23, 1848 NC or SC
Burn, John Baron, Anne Mrs Oct 25, 1767 NC or SC
Burrows, Jeremiah Heap, Belina Oct 30, 1720 NC or SC
Bush, Tabitha Autry, John Nov 4, 1841 NC or SC
Byerly, Wilhemina Mrs Baugniet, Charles Jul 13, 1800 NC or SC
Byers, Elizabeth Pickton, Charles M May 8, 1800 NC or SC
Bynum, Turner Miller, Elizabeth Aug 13, 1799 NC or SC
La Bruce, Joseph Allston, Hannah Feb 3, 1780 NC or SC
O'bannon, Fannie J Bellinger, George D Jun 7, 1881 NC or SC
Van Bibben, Margaret Mrs Smith, William Dec 3, 1785 NC or SC
Van Braam, unknown Roberts, Brook Jan 9, 1785 NC or SC
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