Marriage Index: 1641-1944 Submitted by Charles Barnum
Name Name Date County/State
unk, unk Thompson, Elisha 07 Aug 1767 Rowan County
Albright, Hannah Thompson, Anderson 21 Dec 1817 Orange County
Allen, Nancy Thompson, Samuel 26 Oct 1810 Orange County
Allison, Catharine Thompson, Azariah 04 Sep 1784 Orange County
Anderson, Christian Thompson, Lydia 19 Oct 1808 Craven County
Anderson, Kennith Thompson, Nancy 12 Jun 1801 Orange County
Andrews, Susanna Thompson, John 01 Jun 1778 Chatham County
Austin, Edwin Thompson, Milly 02 Jul 1806 Rockingham County
Bailey, John Thompson, Mary 17 Jul 1800 Orange County
Baldridge, Stephen Thompson, Nelly 10 Feb 1804 Orange County
Ballard, Nancy Thompson, James 28 Feb 1798 Onslow County
Ballard, William Thompson, Nancy 21 Mar 1795 Guilford County
Banks, Lucy Thompson, William 23 Dec 1810 Rowan County
Barfield, Willis Thompson, Barbary 21 Oct 1799 Robeson County
Barrington, Lydia Thompson, Jno. P. 31 Oct 1795 Craven County
Barton, John Thompson, Nelly 29 Apr 1793 Orange County
Baxter, James Thompson, Amey 05 Feb 1799 Warren County
Bazemore, Ann Thompson, James 29 Dec 1787 Bertie County
Bazemore, James Thompson, Mary 16 Feb 1808 Bertie County
Beard, Robert Thompson, Rachel 22 Jan 1812 Rowan County
Bellsire, Thomas Thompson, Mary 25 Aug 1807 Caswell County
Bennett, Elizabeth Thompson, William 14 May 1822 Warren County
Bigger, Robert Thompson, Catherine 01 Jan 1788 Mecklenburg County
Bird, James Thompson, Rebeccah 31 Oct 1797 Orange County
Bird, Nancy Thompson, John 24 Dec 1802 Orange County
Bird, William Thompson, Mary 21 Sep 1798 Orange County
Black, Ester Thompson, Nathan 19 Aug 1785 Lincoln County
Blair, James Thompson, Mary 29 Dec 1792 Orange County
Blanton, Christopher Thompson, Patty 04 Oct 1780 Warren County
Blue, Mary Thompson, Rial 10 May 1825 Rowan County
Bowman, Nancy Thompson, Thomas 22 May 1820 Guilford County
Boyce, Isom Thompson, Rebecca 28 Nov 1791 Chowan County
Braden, Polly Thompson, Samuel 21 Dec 1789 Wake County
Brannock, JamesThompson, Dolly16 Aug 1819Rockingham County
Braswell, NancyThompson, Elijah20 Dec 1814Johnston County
Brevard, John Jr.Thompson, Hannah22 Dec 1783Rowan County
Brooks, Lydia B.Thompson, James28 Dec 1818Chatham County
Brown, FannyThompson, Mildredge06 Oct 1825Halifax County
Buckner, AnneyThompson, Azariah17 Oct 1815Rowan County
Buckner, EdwardThompson, Nancy30 Sep 1807Rowan County
Bull, JohnThompson, Elizabeth03 Apr 1792Guilford County
Bullard, WilliamThompson, Martha29 Dec 1825Robeson County
Buller, JamesThompson, E.20 Jun 1811Randolph County
Bunch, LydiaThompson, William06 Mar 1799Chowan County
Bustot, MariahThompson, Hezekiah25 Feb 1804Wake County
Canady, WilliamThompson, Rachel15 May 1819Surry County
Capps, HenryThompson, Chilly21 Dec 1818Johnston County
Capps, JaneThompson, Benjamin31 Jul 1823Warren County
Caps, BarbaraThompson, John19 May 1798Johnston County
Carmichal, NanceyThompson, William09 Oct 1810Guilford County
Carson, JohnThompson, Betsey10 Jun 1813Rutherford County
Carter, A LexanderThompson, Adai14 Jul 1825Robeson County
Carter, PheobeThompson, Daniel12 Dec 1792Rockingham County
Carter, RebeccaThompson, James H.24 Aug 1824Halifax County
Carter, WilliamThompson, Phoebe27 Dec 1814Rockingham County
Chambers, SusannaThompson, Jarrett19 Sep 1791Johnston County
Clancy, JamesThompson, Phoebe16 Sep 1824Orange County
Clark, HannahThompson, John09 Jul 1825Orange County
Clark, JamesThompson, Grace02 Nov 1788Orange County
Clark, MaryThompson, John09 Nov 1774Rowan County
Clark, ThomasThompson, Salley04 Oct 1813Orange County
Clark, WilliamThompson, Ann02 Nov 1796Mecklenburg County
Clarke, ElenorThompson, Sandy20 Mar 1797Rowan County
Clayton, GeorgeThompson, Margaret03 Jan 1784Rowan County
Clenny, SamuelThompson, Polley07 Sep 1793Orange County
Cloud, JoelThompson, Rebecca27 Aug 1812Orange County
Cocker, NancyThompson, Frederick24 Dec 1784Surry County
Coffield, JohnThompson, Ann20 Mar 1778Chowan County
Coles, SarahThompson, William05 Nov 1777Rowan County
Collie, VumiaThompson, John05 Jan 1821Halifax County
Connell, John G.Thompson, Elizabeth09 May 1818Warren County
Cook, AnnyThompson, Moses16 Feb 1818Rowan County
Cook, MaryThompson, John27 Dec 1790Wake County
Cook, Thomas M.Thompson, Polly L.22 Mar 1819Rowan County
Cooke, JamesThompson, Margaret22 Jun 1789Rowan County
Cowan, BetsyThompson, William05 Feb 1805Rowan County
Cox, ElizaThompson, Thomas28 Sep 1789Orange County
Cox, LucyThompson, John15 Oct 1822Burke County
Crabtree, ThomasThompson, Susan14 Sep 1811Orange County
Crisp, AlexanderThompson, Polly11 Aug 1820Haywood County
Crocker, MaryThompson, Edmund W.07 Jan 1825Northampton County
Crowder, WilliamThompson, Lucy15 Sep 1825Rutherford County
Dalton, PollyThompson, William11 May 1823Rutherford County
Daniel, Peggy L.Thompson, Thomas08 May 1811Orange County
Davenport, ProvidenceThompson, Moses30 Aug 1825Rowan County
Debow, BenjaminThompson, Ellin14 Jun 1783Orange County
Debow, SarahThompson, Abraham07 May 1782Orange County
Dick, ObediahThompson, Rebeckah29 Dec 1803Guilford County
Dickson, WilliamThompson, Whitley29 Dec 1795Orange County
Dodson, George W.Thompson, Mary14 Aug 1815Stokes County
Dowell, WalkerThompson, Nancey29 Dec 1806Caswell County
Duglas, ThomasThompson, Edith29 Feb 1804Johnston County
Ellis, LucyThompson, Edwin27 Feb 1815Northampton County
Ellis, SallyThompson, John19 May 1810Wake County
Enloe, NancyThompson, Thomas07 Jan 1815Haywood County
Evans, GilbertThompson, Faithy31 Dec 1808Wake County
Evans, MaryThompson, Thomas12 Dec 1792Craven County
Faucett, WilliamThompson, Elizabeth16 May 1812Orange County
Fesperman, LeviThompson, Polly13 Mar 1824Mecklenburg County
Fields, James J.Thompson, Elith24 Aug 1817Surry County
Findley, HancyThompson, Nancy09 Jan 1810Orange County
Fleetwood, JeremiahThompson, Elizabeth18 Dec 1788Chowan County
Fletcher, ReubinThompson, Betsey22 Dec 1802Caswell County
Fletcher, RosannahThompson, Nelson09 Feb 1821Rutherford County
Foard, RachelThompson, Moses30 Aug 1796Mecklenburg County
Fogerty, JamesThompson, Elphany28 Jun 1787Orange County
Forrester, ElizabethThompson, John04 Dec 1813Chatham County
Fowler, MaryThompson, William26 Nov 1783Wake County
Freeland, JamesThompson, Abby29 Aug 1815Orange County
Gainer, HettyThompson, John14 Aug 1815Chowan County
Gallway, JohnThompson, Lucy18 Jan 1809Mecklenburg County
Gappins, HannahThompson, Duncan11 Mar 1824Orange County
Gardner, WilliamThompson, Eleanor13 Jan 1806Mecklenburg County
George, Amelia S.Thompson, Randolph03 Apr 1817Warren County
Gibson, JinneyThompson, Jesse22 Dec 1817Guilford County
Gibson, JohnThompson, Magden01 Feb 1789Onslow County
Gilchriest, Nancy N.Thompson, Thomas Jr.28 Sep 1824Guilford County
Gillean, JesseThompson, Ann21 Jan 1824Rowan County
Glen, RuthThompson, Leonard15 Apr 1825Wake County
Godfrey, JamesThompson, Jane12 May 1784Orange County
Godfry, Francis Jr.Thompson, Elizabeth14 Apr 1789Onslow County
Goodman, BetsyThompson, Asa21 Jul 1817Cabarrus County
Gordan, NanceyThompson, Jonathan20 Nov 1798Orange County
Grady, JohnThompson, Gilly27 Apr 1796Wake County
Grahams, RobertThompson, Elizabeth31 Dec 1805Orange County
Grasty, BetsyThompson, Alexander03 Jun 1824Burke County
Gullett, SamuelThompson, Rebekah20 Nov 1801Guilford County
Hager, GeorgeThompson, Mary07 Aug 1799Lincoln County
Haisting, EstherThompson, John14 Sep 1796Orange County
Hall, EdwardThompson, Mary14 Apr 1789Onslow County
Hall, NancyThompson, Robert18 Mar 1789Craven County
Harky, DavidThompson, Margaret11 Aug 1818Mecklenburg County
Harley, JamesThompson, Elizabeth B.20 Sep 1818Granville County
Harris, Arthur B.Thompson, Milley01 Jan 1824Warren County
Hartly, JohnThompson, Nancy20 Dec 1792Craven County
Haslip, AbnerThompson, Jesanah22 Aug 1785Onslow County
Hays, BetsyThompson, Nicholas11 Jan 1793Johnston County
Henderson, Nancy[Mrs]Thompson, William17 May 1818Rutherford County
Henson, JohnThompson, Patsey26 May 1808Randolph County
Hewing, AnnThompson, John24 Sep 1767Rowan County
Hicks, TaylorThompson, Levinia19 Apr 1806Wake County
Hides, WilliamThompson, Jane01 Aug 1764Rowan County
Higdon, CatherineThompson, Moses29 Dec 1813Rowan County
Hith, AnnThompson, Henry15 Apr 1768Perquimans County
Hodson, SarahThompson, James13 Sep 1825Guilford County
Holland, StephenThompson, Lettice11 Oct 1801Guilford County
Holmes, ElizabethThompson, Jonathan08 Jan 1798Orange County
Holmes, ElizabethThompson, Joseph07 Mar 1798Orange County
Holt, JohnThompson, Mary Ann25 Nov 1818Wake County
Holt, MaryThompson, Anthony29 Jan 1787Orange County
Horton, PricillaThompson, Henry24 Sep 1788Orange County
Howell, DavidThompson, Mary26 Jul 1786Surry County
Hudson, JohnThompson, Lucy12 Feb 1784Warren County
Hudson, PollyThompson, Henry17 Mar 1805Mecklenburg County
Hudson, SarahThompson, Azerehab25 Apr 1822Mecklenburg County
Hunt, JamesThompson, Ann21 Dec 1814Granville County
Hunter, JeanyThompson, Joseph11 Apr 1800Orange County
Hunter, WilliamThompson, Mary27 Dec 1821Craven County
Hunycutt, JamesThompson, Millis10 Mar 1823Wake County
Hutchens, BenjaminThompson, Rebekah23 Feb 1809Surry County
Hyde, JohnThompson, Peggy22 Jun 1803Rowan County
Irein, PeggyThompson, Moses23 Dec 1822Rowan County
Jackson, PollyThompson, Joshua26 Sep 1799Orange County
Jeffrey, SusannaThompson, James16 Feb 1803Wake County
Johnson, MarthaThompson, Joseph Jr.05 Feb 1821Wilkes County
Johnston, DavidThompson, Sarah23 Dec 1824Rowan County
Johnston, ElizabethThompson, Joseph16 Mar 1801Mecklenburg County
Johnston, GeorgeThompson, Jane11 Mar 1816Orange County
Johnston, JohnThompson, Rachel22 Jan 1787Lincoln County
Johnston, SarahThompson, John14 Mar 1795Orange County
Johnston, WilliamThompson, Sarah21 Feb 1787Onslow County
Jones, AquillaThompson, Ellender08 Jul 1800Orange County
Jones, CharlotteThompson, John21 Oct 1803Chowan County
Jones, FrancisThompson, Agness09 Jan 1789Orange County
Jones, Thomas Sr.Thompson, Elizabeth[Mrs]25 May 1749Chowan County
Jones, WilliamThompson, Mary Ann20 Sep 1820Chowan County
Jorden, JosephThompson, Mary17 Dec 1800Guilford County
Kincaid, ArchibaldThompson, Rebecca02 Apr 1805Rowan County
Kirkman, GeorgeThompson, Mary28 Mar 1788Guilford County
Kitchen, MaryThompson, Trimigain12 Apr 1811Robeson County
Kitchen, MatthewThompson, Mary27 Dec 1825Robeson County
Knowles, ElizabethThompson, John27 Jun 1822Chowan County
Lafflowers, JohnThompson, Sarah07 Nov 1793Gates County
Lankford, MatildaThompson, Robert27 Oct 1813Rutherford County
Lea, DelilahThompson, James H.17 Mar 1822Caswell County
Lea, NancyThompson, John19 Feb 1823Caswell County
Lennens, JamesThompson, Elizabeth14 Feb 1811Chatham County
Lewis, John Jr.Thompson, Mary19 Nov 1755Chowan County
Lindly, PatsyThompson, Enoch08 Sep 1808Orange County
Link, BetsyThompson, Alfred04 Apr 1815Rowan County
Linley, JamesThompson, Rachel14 Jan 1808Orange County
Linvile, ElizabethThompson, Thomas02 May 1780Rowan County
Love, DavidThompson, Jean24 Aug 1802Mecklenburg County
Lumley, AbrahamThompson, Rose09 Mar 1802Wake County
Lumley, JeremiahThompson, Frances13 Oct 1812Wake County
Mack, NancyThompson, John19 Nov 1813Mecklenburg County
Mann, AnnThompson, John25 Feb 1792Orange County
Mann, John W.Thompson, Frances Elizabe28 Dec 1824Chowan County
Mann, PollyThompson, James25 Aug 1822Chatham County
Marks, SarahThompson, William23 Nov 1819Wake County
Marshal, AnnThompson, George10 Dec 1796Orange County
Mason, LydiaThompson, David T.23 Mar 1806Brunswick County
Mayberry, MaryThompson, Bat11 Aug 1798Lincoln County
Mcaddams, SusannahThompson, Stephen30 Dec 1794Orange County
Mcclintock, MargaretThompson, Samuel01 Jan 1779Guilford County
Mccoard, ThomasThompson, Rebekah26 Jan 1819Mecklenburg County
Mccord, DorcasThompson, James23 Dec 1812Mecklenburg County
Mccullers, SallyThompson, David10 Nov 1818Johnston County
Mcdannel, ElizabethThompson, Joseph15 Oct 1796Orange County
Mcgauhy, JohnThompson, Elizabeth19 Aug 1794Rowan County
Mcgroin, RebecaThompson, Richard22 Mar 1788Onslow County
Mcguinn, AlexanderThompson, Margaret12 Apr 1810Rutherford County
Mcintire, IsaacThompson, Betsey16 Nov 1811Mecklenburg County
Mckemie, JamesThompson, Levinah05 Jun 1779Guilford County
Mclane, SarahThompson, John21 Feb 1775Rowan County
Mcleary, AnnThompson, John03 Aug 1813Mecklenburg County
Mcmullen, JaneThompson, Samuel10 May 1794Orange County
Mcwhirter, ElizabethThompson, Aron26 Feb 1798Mecklenburg County
Medlin, AllenThompson, Rutha03 Feb 1815Wake County
Medlin, JohnThompson, Polley26 Nov 1814Wake County
Mimeth, FloydThompson, William09 Mar 1811Rowan County
Mitchel, NazarahThompson, Susanna13 Dec 1788Robeson County
Mobley, FerebyThompson, Jonathan12 Jan 1793Wake County
Moore, Penny[Mrs]Thompson, Charles03 Feb 1812Wake County
Morris, WilliamThompson, Milly26 Aug 1816Robeson County
Morrow, AnnThompson, James20 Mar 1787Orange County
Morrow, MarthaThompson, William31 Dec 1799Orange County
Morrow, RachaelThompson, Richard08 Feb 1793Orange County
Mullikin, ElizabethThompson, Zedock02 Nov 1816Rowan County
Murdock, RobertThompson, Elizabeth14 Nov 1804Orange County
Murphey, Joseph Sr.Thompson, Catharine11 Nov 1802Surry County
Murphey, Nancey S.Thompson, Thomas A.03 Nov 1820Caswell County
Neal, Thomas S.Thompson, Nancy23 Dec 1822Warren County
Nelson, JamesThompson, Margret14 Jan 1768Rowan County
Nichols, FrancesThompson, Henry29 May 1780Nash County
Nichols, ZachariahThompson, Polly01 Mar 1814Wake County
Nicholson, JeanyThompson, Levi19 Dec 1802Orange County
Nunn, EdyThompson, Richard18 Jun 1807Orange County
Odaniel, HenryThompson, Martha21 Jun 1824Orange County
Oneel, CharlesThompson, Charlotte11 Mar 1812Chowan County
Owens, RachelThompson, Berry23 Jul 1810Randolph County
Pain, HenryThompson, Rachel17 Dec 1795Orange County
Parish, AnnaThompson, Drury Jr.18 Apr 1815Warren County
Parish, AseyThompson, Thomas William11 Feb 1803Chowan County
Parrish, CharlesThompson, Christian25 Feb 1813Orange County
Parson, MaryThompson, Isam03 Feb 1819Guilford County
Partick, NancyThompson, John11 Dec 1816Rowan County
Pendar, WilliamThompson, Ruth23 Sep 1813Orange County
Pigman, LeonardThompson, Patience13 Jun 1782Orange County
Pinkston, JeanThompson, David L.28 May 1812Rowan County
Pitman, JohnThompson, Sarah04 Mar 1811Robeson County
Pitman, MaryThompson, Fowler27 Dec 1821Robeson County
Pollock, JacobThompson, Sarah03 Feb 1773Bertie County
Porter, ThomasThompson, Penny08 Jul 1794Craven County
Prather, WilliamThompson, Betsey02 Sep 1810Stokes County
Price, ElizabethThompson, James29 Jul 1773Chowan County
Ransome, ReuthaThompson, Richard03 Jun 1783Craven County
Reaves, FredrickThompson, Elizabeth27 Dec 1780Granville County
Rector, PollyThompson, James21 Aug 1816Burke County
Rex, CatyThompson, James08 Jun 1815Rowan County
Roach, JohnThompson, Rachel21 Nov 1800Orange County
Robards, HannahThompson, Reasen01 Jan 1823Rowan County
Roberts, FerebyThompson, William29 Aug 1802Johnston County
Roberts, IsaacThompson, Ann04 Oct 1783Granville County
Roberts, LeahThompson, John15 Oct 1824Wake County
Roberts, SusannahThompson, James18 Feb 1794Orange County
Rogers, PollyThompson, Jacob07 May 1814Wake County
Rollins, DyseThompson, William16 Oct 1811Randolph County
Roundtre, Jno.Thompson, Ralsy23 Feb 1793Orange County
Rowell, RobertThompson, Esther10 Feb 1779Granville County
Rowland, DavidThompson, Elizabeth02 Oct 1819Robeson County
Rowland, SusannahThompson, Joseph14 Oct 1822Robeson County
Russell, John C.Thompson, Rachel19 Oct 1816Orange County
Russil, ElenderThompson, William28 Jan 1817Onslow County
Rust, PollyThompson, James27 Dec 1800Wake County
Sadler, Elizabeth[Mrs]Thompson, William30 Aug 1743Chowan County
Sale, ClaryThompson, Roden13 Sep 1806Wilkes County
Sawyer, JoelThompson, Esther20 Nov 1823Haywood County
Sellers, WilletsThompson, Sarah13 May 1808Brunswick County
Shearin, RebeccaThompson, Herod22 Dec 1800Warren County
Sherwood, DanielThompson, Mary15 Jul 1800Guilford County
Shipp, PollyThompson, Mecael01 May 1818Wake County
Siler, ElishaThompson, Sally17 Oct 1810Chatham County
Simms, WenifredThompson, Nathaniel06 Jan 1823Wake County
Smith, CaryThompson, Robert20 Jul 1812Wake County
Smith, CatharineThompson, William08 Dec 1820Wake County
Smith, JohnThompson, Margaret06 Jul 1803Robeson County
Sorrels, unkThompson, Edward19 Feb 1791Rutherford County
Speir, DelilahThompson, David25 Jan 1825Robeson County
Speres, RosanahThompson, William27 Oct 1810Robeson County
Srayhorn, JaneThompson, David14 Oct 1812Orange County
Staines, JohnThompson, Jane05 Dec 1821Cabarrus County
Staton, John W.Thompson, Mary06 Jan 1818Rutherford County
Steel, NancyThompson, James02 Nov 1809Orange County
Steel, PollyThompson, John18 Aug 1812Mecklenburg County
Steel, RachelThompson, William11 Nov 1787Orange County
Steele, MaryThompson, Levi09 Mar 1801Orange County
Stewart, MaryThompson, Thomas29 Apr 1768Rowan County
Stinson, BurditThompson, Elizabeth31 Jul 1797Wake County
Strayhorn, WilliamThompson, Nancy07 Apr 1812Orange County
Strickland, HeronThompson, Lewis04 Aug 1810Johnston County
Strickland, SamuelThompson, Sally25 Aug 1803Johnston County
Talor, ElizabethThompson, Elisha25 Apr 1809Rowan County
Tatum, BarnettThompson, Mary02 Aug 1778Granville County
Taylor, MaryThompson, John17 Jul 1799New Hanover County
Taylor, MaryThompson, Samson B.11 Apr 1803Robeson County
Taylor, NicholasThompson, Emma02 Jul 1779New Hanover County
Teague, EliThompson, Elizabeth13 Sep 1824Chatham County
Thompsin, JohnThompson, Nelly09 Jan 1809Orange County
Thompson, AbagailThompson, James26 Mar 1803Orange County
Thompson, AbleWilkerson, Peggy22 Jun 1803Orange County
Thompson, AlfredThompson, Elizabeth21 Apr 1825Orange County
Thompson, AnnThompson, Robert05 Sep 1801Mecklenburg County
Thompson, AnneThompson, Thomas20 Jan 1789Orange County
Thompson, AnthonyWilliam, Jeane26 Dec 1787Orange County
Thompson, BetsyWilliams, Isaac16 Aug 1806Orange County
Thompson, CharlesWinters, Sally13 Feb 1822Halifax County
Thompson, ChristanWillis, James22 Apr 1812Robeson County
Thompson, ClaraWilford, Isom13 Aug 1796Bertie County
Thompson, ClossWilson, Rebeckah14 Sep 1787Wilkes County
Thompson, E.Thompson, John20 Jun 1825Robeson County
Thompson, ElizabethVaden, Lodwick12 Dec 1796Wake County
Thompson, ElizabethWatkins, Ambrose04 Apr 1804Rutherford County
Thompson, ElizabethWynne, Allen12 Oct 1820Wake County
Thompson, Frede K.Wilson, Mary25 Apr 1787Warren County
Thompson, HendersonTucker, Martha08 Feb 1825Granville County
Thompson, HendersonTucker, Mary A.01 Oct 1816Warren County
Thompson, Henry Jr.Whited, Susannah20 Nov 1797Orange County
Thompson, IsabellaWilson, John20 Feb 1817Mecklenburg County
Thompson, JamesThompson, Ruth04 Jan 1825Orange County
Thompson, JamesWarrack, Anny08 Nov 1819Mecklenburg County
Thompson, JamesWilkins, Betsey30 Jan 1824Haywood County
Thompson, JamesWilliams, Phoebe14 Sep 1808Granville County
Thompson, JeanyWoody, Lewis15 Aug 1800Orange County
Thompson, JesseWelch, Rachel25 Feb 1825Haywood County
Thompson, JohnWalker, Nancy30 Nov 1811Orange County
Thompson, JosiasTrotterly, Catharine17 Mar 1802Orange County
Thompson, LaurenceThomson, Eleanor08 Apr 1779Rowan County
Thompson, LotteWalls, William16 Oct 1799Orange County
Thompson, MartinWaldrop, Katharine14 Jun 1823Rutherford County
Thompson, MaryWatts, John30 Sep 1790Wake County
Thompson, MaryWhitsitt, William01 Aug 1785Orange County
Thompson, MildredWateridge, William31 Mar 1821Bertie County
Thompson, NanceyWolf, Jacob14 Dec 1825Rutherford County
Thompson, NancyWilliams, John18 Mar 1825Robeson County
Thompson, NancyWinters, John02 Nov 1824Halifax County
Thompson, R.Tucker, Eley19 Aug 1812Warren County
Thompson, RichardTurner, Anney03 Feb 1794Orange County
Thompson, RobertWood, Mary01 Jan 1800Randolph County
Thompson, RuthWilliams, James18 Mar 1796Orange County
Thompson, SamuelTrice, Nancy16 May 1807Orange County
Thompson, SamuelWilmoth, Jane23 Jan 1818Rutherford County
Thompson, SamuelWoods, Rebecca06 Jul 1798Orange County
Thompson, SarahWilliams, Bright28 Mar 1825Robeson County
Thompson, ThomasTrotman, Sarah04 Mar 1809Gates County
Thompson, ThomasWillson, Philadelphia29 Jan 1789Rutherford County
Thompson, WilliamWallace, Tellitha01 Dec 1817Wake County
Thompson, William Williams, Ester 22 Feb 1812 Rowan County
Thompson, William Williamson, Elizabeth 08 Apr 1788 Lincoln County
Thompsin, John Thompson, Nelly 09 Jan 1809 Orange County
Thompson, Abagail Thompson, James 26 Mar 1803 Orange County
Thompson, Abby Freeland, James 29 Aug 1815 Orange County
Thompson, Able Wilkerson, Peggy 22 Jun 1803 Orange County
Thompson, Abraham Debow, Sarah 07 May 1782 Orange County
Thompson, Adai Carter, A Lexander 14 Jul 1825 Robeson County
Thompson, Agness Jones, Francis 09 Jan 1789 Orange County
Thompson, Alexander Grasty, Betsy 03 Jun 1824 Burke County
Thompson, Alfred Link, Betsy 04 Apr 1815 Rowan County
Thompson, Alfred Thompson, Elizabeth 21 Apr 1825 Orange County
Thompson, Alfred Morris, Sarah 14 Apr 1858 Bond Davidson County
Thompson, Amey Baxter, James 05 Feb 1799 Warren County
Thompson, Anderson Albright, Hannah 21 Dec 1817 Orange County
Thompson, Ann Clark, William 02 Nov 1796 Mecklenburg County
Thompson, Ann Coffield, John 20 Mar 1778 Chowan County
Thompson, Ann Gillean, Jesse 21 Jan 1824 Rowan County
Thompson, Ann Hunt, James 21 Dec 1814 Granville County
Thompson, Ann Roberts, Isaac 04 Oct 1783 Granville County
Thompson, Ann Thompson, Robert 05 Sep 1801 Mecklenburg County
Thompson, Anne Thompson, Thomas 20 Jan 1789 Orange County
Thompson, Anthony Holt, Mary 29 Jan 1787 Orange County
Thompson, Anthony William, Jeane 26 Dec 1787 Orange County
Thompson, Aron Mcwhirter, Elizabeth 26 Feb 1798 Mecklenburg County
Thompson, Asa Goodman, Betsy 21 Jul 1817 Cabarrus County
Thompson, Augustus Williams, Nancy 24 Jan 1852 Bond Bertie County
Thompson, Azariah Allison, Catharine 04 Sep 1784 Orange County
Thompson, Azariah Buckner, Anney 17 Oct 1815 Rowan County
Thompson, Azerehab Hudson, Sarah 25 Apr 1822 Mecklenburg County
Thompson, Barbary Barfield, Willis 21 Oct 1799 Robeson County
Thompson, Bat Mayberry, Mary 11 Aug 1798 Lincoln County
Thompson, Benjamin Capps, Jane 31 Jul 1823 Warren County
Thompson, Berry Owens, Rachel 23 Jul 1810 Randolph County
Thompson, Betsey Carson, John 10 Jun 1813 Rutherford County
Thompson, Betsey Fletcher, Reubin 22 Dec 1802 Caswell County
Thompson, Betsey Mcintire, Isaac 16 Nov 1811 Mecklenburg County
Thompson, Betsey Prather, William 02 Sep 1810 Stokes County
Thompson, Betsy Williams, Isaac 16 Aug 1806 Orange County
Thompson, C. M. Peebles, Mary A. 19 Nov 1867 Davie County
Thompson, Calvin Welch, Elizabeth 29 Jul 1867 Ashe County
Thompson, Catharine Murphey, Joseph Sr. 11 Nov 1802 Surry County
Thompson, Catherine Bigger, Robert 01 Jan 1788 Mecklenburg County
Thompson, Charles Moore, Penny Mrs 03 Feb 1812 Wake County
Thompson, Charles Winters, Sally 13 Feb 1822 Halifax County
Thompson, Charlotte Oneel, Charles 11 Mar 1812 Chowan County
Thompson, Chilly Capps, Henry 21 Dec 1818 Johnston County
Thompson, Christan Willis, James 22 Apr 1812 Robeson County
Thompson, Christian Parrish, Charles 25 Feb 1813 Orange County
Thompson, Christopher Reedy, Ruth 25 Feb 1858 Ashe County
Thompson, Clara Wilford, Isom 13 Aug 1796 Bertie County
Thompson, Closs Wilson, Rebeckah 14 Sep 1787 Wilkes County
Thompson, Daniel Carter, Pheobe 12 Dec 1792 Rockingham County
Thompson, David Mccullers, Sally 10 Nov 1818 Johnston County
Thompson, David Speir, Delilah 25 Jan 1825 Robeson County
Thompson, David Srayhorn, Jane 14 Oct 1812 Orange County
Thompson, David Brown, Rebecca A. 29 Nov 1866 Bertie County
Thompson, David L. Pinkston, Jean 28 May 1812 Rowan County
Thompson, David T. Mason, Lydia 23 Mar 1806 Brunswick County
Thompson, Dolly Brannock, James 16 Aug 1819 Rockingham County
Thompson, Drury Jr. Parish, Anna 18 Apr 1815 Warren County
Thompson, Duncan Gappins, Hannah 11 Mar 1824 Orange County
Thompson, E. Buller, James 20 Jun 1811 Randolph County
Thompson, E. Thompson, John 20 Jun 1825 Robeson County
Thompson, Edith Duglas, Thomas 29 Feb 1804 Johnston County
Thompson, Edmund W. Crocker, Mary 07 Jan 1825 Northampton County
Thompson, Edward Sorrels, unk 19 Feb 1791 Rutherford County
Thompson, Edwin Ellis, Lucy 27 Feb 1815 Northampton County
Thompson, Eleanor Gardner, William 13 Jan 1806 Mecklenburg County
Thompson, Elijah Braswell, Nancy 20 Dec 1814 Johnston County
Thompson, Elisha Talor, Elizabeth 25 Apr 1809 Rowan County
Thompson, Elith Fields, James J. 24 Aug 1817 Surry County
Thompson, Elizabeth Bull, John 03 Apr 1792 Guilford County
Thompson, Elizabeth Connell, John G. 09 May 1818 Warren County
Thompson, Elizabeth Faucett, William 16 May 1812 Orange County
Thompson, Elizabeth Fleetwood, Jeremiah 18 Dec 1788 Chowan County
Thompson, Elizabeth Godfry, Francis Jr. 14 Apr 1789 Onslow County
Thompson, Elizabeth Grahams, Robert 31 Dec 1805 Orange County
Thompson, Elizabeth Lennens, James 14 Feb 1811 Chatham County
Thompson, Elizabeth Mcgauhy, John 19 Aug 1794 Rowan County
Thompson, Elizabeth Murdock, Robert 14 Nov 1804 Orange County
Thompson, Elizabeth Reaves, Fredrick 27 Dec 1780 Granville County
Thompson, Elizabeth Rowland, David 02 Oct 1819 Robeson County
Thompson, Elizabeth Stinson, Burdit 31 Jul 1797 Wake County
Thompson, Elizabeth Teague, Eli 13 Sep 1824 Chatham County
Thompson, Elizabeth Vaden, Lodwick 12 Dec 1796 Wake County
Thompson, Elizabeth Watkins, Ambrose 04 Apr 1804 Rutherford County
Thompson, Elizabeth Wynne, Allen 12 Oct 1820 Wake County
Thompson, Elizabeth B. Harley, James 20 Sep 1818 Granville County
Thompson, Elizabeth Mrs Jones, Thomas Sr. 25 May 1749 Chowan County
Thompson, Ellender Jones, Aquilla 08 Jul 1800 Orange County
Thompson, Ellin Debow, Benjamin 14 Jun 1783 Orange County
Thompson, Elphany Fogerty, James 28 Jun 1787 Orange County
Thompson, Emma Taylor, Nicholas 02 Jul 1779 New Hanover County
Thompson, Enoch Lindly, Patsy 08 Sep 1808 Orange County
Thompson, Esther Rowell, Robert 10 Feb 1779 Granville County
Thompson, Esther Sawyer, Joel 20 Nov 1823 Haywood County
Thompson, Faithy Evans, Gilbert 31 Dec 1808 Wake County
Thompson, Fowler Pitman, Mary 27 Dec 1821 Robeson County
Thompson, Frances Lumley, Jeremiah 13 Oct 1812 Wake County
Thompson, Frances Elizabeth Mann, John W. 28 Dec 1824 Chowan County
Thompson, Frede K. Wilson, Mary 25 Apr 1787 Warren County
Thompson, Frederick Cocker, Nancy 24 Dec 1784 Surry County
Thompson, George Marshal, Ann 10 Dec 1796 Orange County
Thompson, Gilly Grady, John 27 Apr 1796 Wake County
Thompson, Grace Clark, James 02 Nov 1788 Orange County
Thompson, H. A. Hobbs, Mildred 15 Oct 1867 Davie County
Thompson, Hampton Thompson, Harriet 20 Aug 1866 Bertie County
Thompson, Hannah Brevard, John Jr. 22 Dec 1783 Rowan County
Thompson, Henderson Tucker, Martha 08 Feb 1825 Granville County
Thompson, Henderson Tucker, Mary A. 01 Oct 1816 Warren County
Thompson, Henry Hith, Ann 15 Apr 1768 Perquimans County
Thompson, Henry Horton, Pricilla 24 Sep 1788 Orange County
Thompson, Henry Hudson, Polly 17 Mar 1805 Mecklenburg County
Thompson, Henry Nichols, Frances 29 May 1780 Nash County
Thompson, Henry Jr. Whited, Susannah 20 Nov 1797 Orange County
Thompson, Herod Shearin, Rebecca 22 Dec 1800 Warren County
Thompson, Hezekiah Bustot, Mariah 25 Feb 1804 Wake County
Thompson, Isabella Wilson, John 20 Feb 1817 Mecklenburg County
Thompson, Isam Parson, Mary 03 Feb 1819 Guilford County
Thompson, Issac Williams, Elender 09 Mar 1852 Wayne County
Thompson, Jacob Rogers, Polly 07 May 1814 Wake County
Thompson, James Ballard, Nancy 28 Feb 1798 Onslow County
Thompson, James Bazemore, Ann 29 Dec 1787 Bertie County
Thompson, James Brooks, Lydia B. 28 Dec 1818 Chatham County
Thompson, James Hodson, Sarah 13 Sep 1825 Guilford County
Thompson, James Jeffrey, Susanna 16 Feb 1803 Wake County
Thompson, James Mann, Polly 25 Aug 1822 Chatham County
Thompson, James Mccord, Dorcas 23 Dec 1812 Mecklenburg County
Thompson, James Morrow, Ann 20 Mar 1787 Orange County
Thompson, James Price, Elizabeth 29 Jul 1773 Chowan County
Thompson, James Rector, Polly 21 Aug 1816 Burke County
Thompson, James Rex, Caty 08 Jun 1815 Rowan County
Thompson, James Roberts, Susannah 18 Feb 1794 Orange County
Thompson, James Rust, Polly 27 Dec 1800 Wake County
Thompson, James Steel, Nancy 02 Nov 1809 Orange County
Thompson, James Thompson, Ruth 04 Jan 1825 Orange County
Thompson, James Warrack, Anny 08 Nov 1819 Mecklenburg County
Thompson, James Wilkins, Betsey 30 Jan 1824 Haywood County
Thompson, James Williams, Phoebe 14 Sep 1808 Granville County
Thompson, James H. Carter, Rebecca 24 Aug 1824 Halifax County
Thompson, James H. Lea, Delilah 17 Mar 1822 Caswell County
Thompson, James M. Baily, Elorna 26 Mar 1868 McDowell County
Thompson, Jane Godfrey, James 12 May 1784 Orange County
Thompson, Jane Hides, William 01 Aug 1764 Rowan County
Thompson, Jane Johnston, George 11 Mar 1816 Orange County
Thompson, Jane Staines, John 05 Dec 1821 Cabarrus County
Thompson, Jarrett Chambers, Susanna 19 Sep 1791 Johnston County
Thompson, Jean Love, David 24 Aug 1802 Mecklenburg County
Thompson, Jeany Woody, Lewis 15 Aug 1800 Orange County
Thompson, Jehue Foster, Sarah 26 Oct 1854 Davie County
Thompson, Jesanah Haslip, Abner 22 Aug 1785 Onslow County
Thompson, Jesse Gibson, Jinney 22 Dec 1817 Guilford County
Thompson, Jesse Welch, Rachel 25 Feb 1825 Haywood County
Thompson, Jno. P. Barrington, Lydia 31 Oct 1795 Craven County
Thompson, John Andrews, Susanna 01 Jun 1778 Chatham County
Thompson, John Bird, Nancy 24 Dec 1802 Orange County
Thompson, John Caps, Barbara 19 May 1798 Johnston County
Thompson, John Clark, Hannah 09 Jul 1825 Orange County
Thompson, John Clark, Mary 09 Nov 1774 Rowan County
Thompson, John Collie, Vumia 05 Jan 1821 Halifax County
Thompson, John Cook, Mary 27 Dec 1790 Wake County
Thompson, John Cox, Lucy 15 Oct 1822 Burke County
Thompson, John Ellis, Sally 19 May 1810 Wake County
Thompson, John Forrester, Elizabeth 04 Dec 1813 Chatham County
Thompson, John Gainer, Hetty 14 Aug 1815 Chowan County
Thompson, John Haisting, Esther 14 Sep 1796 Orange County
Thompson, John Hewing, Ann 24 Sep 1767 Rowan County
Thompson, John Johnston, Sarah 14 Mar 1795 Orange County
Thompson, John Jones, Charlotte 21 Oct 1803 Chowan County
Thompson, John Knowles, Elizabeth 27 Jun 1822 Chowan County
Thompson, John Lea, Nancy 19 Feb 1823 Caswell County
Thompson, John Mack, Nancy 19 Nov 1813 Mecklenburg County
Thompson, John Mann, Ann 25 Feb 1792 Orange County
Thompson, John Mclane, Sarah 21 Feb 1775 Rowan County
Thompson, John Mcleary, Ann 03 Aug 1813 Mecklenburg County
Thompson, John Partick, Nancy 11 Dec 1816 Rowan County
Thompson, John Roberts, Leah 15 Oct 1824 Wake County
Thompson, John Steel, Polly 18 Aug 1812 Mecklenburg County
Thompson, John Taylor, Mary 17 Jul 1799 New Hanover County
Thompson, John Walker, Nancy 30 Nov 1811 Orange County
Thompson, John Shewler, Sively no date Davidson County
Thompson, John M. Lane, Chelly K. 19 Jun 1855 Wayne County
Thompson, Jonathan Gordan, Nancey 20 Nov 1798 Orange County
Thompson, Jonathan Holmes, Elizabeth 08 Jan 1798 Orange County
Thompson, Jonathan Mobley, Fereby 12 Jan 1793 Wake County
Thompson, Joseph Holmes, Elizabeth 07 Mar 1798 Orange County
Thompson, Joseph Hunter, Jeany 11 Apr 1800 Orange County
Thompson, Joseph Johnston, Elizabeth 16 Mar 1801 Mecklenburg County
Thompson, Joseph Mcdannel, Elizabeth 15 Oct 1796 Orange County
Thompson, Joseph Rowland, Susannah 14 Oct 1822 Robeson County
Thompson, Joseph H Ratts, Ellen E. 01 Aug 1849 Bond Davidson County
Thompson, Joseph Jr. Johnson, Martha 05 Feb 1821 Wilkes County
Thompson, Joshua Jackson, Polly 26 Sep 1799 Orange County
Thompson, Josias Trotterly, Catharine 17 Mar 1802 Orange County
Thompson, Kindrick Sexton, Durthena 24 Nov 1857 Bond Davidson County
Thompson, Laurence Thomson, Eleanor 08 Apr 1779 Rowan County
Thompson, Leonard Glen, Ruth 15 Apr 1825 Wake County
Thompson, Lettice Holland, Stephen 11 Oct 1801 Guilford County
Thompson, Levi Nicholson, Jeany 19 Dec 1802 Orange County
Thompson, Levi Steele, Mary 09 Mar 1801 Orange County
Thompson, Levinah Mckemie, James 05 Jun 1779 Guilford County
Thompson, Levinia Hicks, Taylor 19 Apr 1806 Wake County
Thompson, Lewis Strickland, Heron 04 Aug 1810 Johnston County
Thompson, Lorenzo Jenkins, Lueaser 30 Sep 1864 Davidson County
Thompson, Lotte Walls, William 16 Oct 1799 Orange County
Thompson, Lucy Crowder, William 15 Sep 1825 Rutherford County
Thompson, Lucy Gallway, John 18 Jan 1809 Mecklenburg County
Thompson, Lucy Hudson, John 12 Feb 1784 Warren County
Thompson, Lydia Anderson, Christian 19 Oct 1808 Craven County
Thompson, Magden Gibson, John 01 Feb 1789 Onslow County
Thompson, Margaret Clayton, George 03 Jan 1784 Rowan County
Thompson, Margaret Cooke, James 22 Jun 1789 Rowan County
Thompson, Margaret Harky, David 11 Aug 1818 Mecklenburg County
Thompson, Margaret Mcguinn, Alexander 12 Apr 1810 Rutherford County
Thompson, Margaret Smith, John 06 Jul 1803 Robeson County
Thompson, Margret Nelson, James 14 Jan 1768 Rowan County
Thompson, Martha Bullard, William 29 Dec 1825 Robeson County
Thompson, Martha Odaniel, Henry 21 Jun 1824 Orange County
Thompson, Martin Waldrop, Katharine 14 Jun 1823 Rutherford County
Thompson, Mary Bailey, John 17 Jul 1800 Orange County
Thompson, Mary Bazemore, James 16 Feb 1808 Bertie County
Thompson, Mary Bellsire, Thomas 25 Aug 1807 Caswell County
Thompson, Mary Bird, William 21 Sep 1798 Orange County
Thompson, Mary Blair, James 29 Dec 1792 Orange County
Thompson, Mary Dodson, George W. 14 Aug 1815 Stokes County
Thompson, Mary Hager, George 07 Aug 1799 Lincoln County
Thompson, Mary Hall, Edward 14 Apr 1789 Onslow County
Thompson, Mary Howell, David 26 Jul 1786 Surry County
Thompson, Mary Hunter, William 27 Dec 1821 Craven County
Thompson, Mary Jorden, Joseph 17 Dec 1800 Guilford County
Thompson, Mary Kirkman, George 28 Mar 1788 Guilford County
Thompson, Mary Kitchen, Matthew 27 Dec 1825 Robeson County
Thompson, Mary Lewis, John Jr. 19 Nov 1755 Chowan County
Thompson, Mary Sherwood, Daniel 15 Jul 1800 Guilford County
Thompson, Mary Staton, John W. 06 Jan 1818 Rutherford County
Thompson, Mary Tatum, Barnett 02 Aug 1778 Granville County
Thompson, Mary Watts, John 30 Sep 1790 Wake County
Thompson, Mary Whitsitt, William 01 Aug 1785 Orange County
Thompson, Mary Ann Holt, John 25 Nov 1818 Wake County
Thompson, Mary Ann Jones, William 20 Sep 1820 Chowan County
Thompson, Mecael Shipp, Polly 01 May 1818 Wake County
Thompson, Mildred Wateridge, William 31 Mar 1821 Bertie County
Thompson, Mildredge Brown, Fanny 06 Oct 1825 Halifax County
Thompson, Milley Harris, Arthur B. 01 Jan 1824 Warren County
Thompson, Millis Hunycutt, James 10 Mar 1823 Wake County
Thompson, Milly Austin, Edwin 02 Jul 1806 Rockingham County
Thompson, Milly Morris, William 26 Aug 1816 Robeson County
Thompson, Moses Cook, Anny 16 Feb 1818 Rowan County
Thompson, Moses Davenport, Providence 30 Aug 1825 Rowan County
Thompson, Moses Foard, Rachel 30 Aug 1796 Mecklenburg County
Thompson, Moses Higdon, Catherine 29 Dec 1813 Rowan County
Thompson, Moses Irein, Peggy 23 Dec 1822 Rowan County
Thompson, Nancey Dowell, Walker 29 Dec 1806 Caswell County
Thompson, Nancey Wolf, Jacob 14 Dec 1825 Rutherford County
Thompson, Nancy Anderson, Kennith 12 Jun 1801 Orange County
Thompson, Nancy Ballard, William 21 Mar 1795 Guilford County
Thompson, Nancy Buckner, Edward 30 Sep 1807 Rowan County
Thompson, Nancy Findley, Hancy 09 Jan 1810 Orange County
Thompson, Nancy Hartly, John 20 Dec 1792 Craven County
Thompson, Nancy Neal, Thomas S. 23 Dec 1822 Warren County
Thompson, Nancy Strayhorn, William 07 Apr 1812 Orange County
Thompson, Nancy Williams, John 18 Mar 1825 Robeson County
Thompson, Nancy Winters, John 02 Nov 1824 Halifax County
Thompson, Nathan Black, Ester 19 Aug 1785 Lincoln County
Thompson, Nathaniel Simms, Wenifred 06 Jan 1823 Wake County
Thompson, Nelly Baldridge, Stephen 10 Feb 1804 Orange County
Thompson, Nelly Barton, John 29 Apr 1793 Orange County
Thompson, Nelson Fletcher, Rosannah 09 Feb 1821 Rutherford County
Thompson, Nicholas Hays, Betsy 11 Jan 1793 Johnston County
Thompson, Patience Pigman, Leonard 13 Jun 1782 Orange County
Thompson, Patsey Henson, John 26 May 1808 Randolph County
Thompson, Patty Blanton, Christopher 04 Oct 1780 Warren County
Thompson, Peggy Hyde, John 22 Jun 1803 Rowan County
Thompson, Penny Porter, Thomas 08 Jul 1794 Craven County
Thompson, Phoebe Carter, William 27 Dec 1814 Rockingham County
Thompson, Phoebe Clancy, James 16 Sep 1824 Orange County
Thompson, Polley Clenny, Samuel 07 Sep 1793 Orange County
Thompson, Polley Medlin, John 26 Nov 1814 Wake County
Thompson, Polly Crisp, Alexander 11 Aug 1820 Haywood County
Thompson, Polly Fesperman, Levi 13 Mar 1824 Mecklenburg County
Thompson, Polly Nichols, Zachariah 01 Mar 1814 Wake County
Thompson, Polly L. Cook, Thomas M. 22 Mar 1819 Rowan County
Thompson, R. Tucker, Eley 19 Aug 1812 Warren County
Thompson, Rachel Beard, Robert 22 Jan 1812 Rowan County
Thompson, Rachel Canady, William 15 May 1819 Surry County
Thompson, Rachel Johnston, John 22 Jan 1787 Lincoln County
Thompson, Rachel Linley, James 14 Jan 1808 Orange County
Thompson, Rachel Pain, Henry 17 Dec 1795 Orange County
Thompson, Rachel Roach, John 21 Nov 1800 Orange County
Thompson, Rachel Russell, John C. 19 Oct 1816 Orange County
Thompson, Ralsy Roundtre, Jno. 23 Feb 1793 Orange County
Thompson, Randolph George, Amelia S. 03 Apr 1817 Warren County
Thompson, Reasen Robards, Hannah 01 Jan 1823 Rowan County
Thompson, Rebecca Boyce, Isom 28 Nov 1791 Chowan County
Thompson, Rebecca Cloud, Joel 27 Aug 1812 Orange County
Thompson, Rebecca Kincaid, Archibald 02 Apr 1805 Rowan County
Thompson, Rebeccah Bird, James 31 Oct 1797 Orange County
Thompson, Rebeckah Dick, Obediah 29 Dec 1803 Guilford County
Thompson, Rebekah Gullett, Samuel 20 Nov 1801 Guilford County
Thompson, Rebekah Hutchens, Benjamin 23 Feb 1809 Surry County
Thompson, Rebekah Mccoard, Thomas 26 Jan 1819 Mecklenburg County
Thompson, Reuben Fountain, Zilpha 01 Feb 1855 Wayne County
Thompson, Rial Blue, Mary 10 May 1825 Rowan County
Thompson, Richard Mcgroin, Rebeca 22 Mar 1788 Onslow County
Thompson, Richard Morrow, Rachael 08 Feb 1793 Orange County
Thompson, Richard Nunn, Edy 18 Jun 1807 Orange County
Thompson, Richard Ransome, Reutha 03 Jun 1783 Craven County
Thompson, Richard Turner, Anney 03 Feb 1794 Orange County
Thompson, Robert Hall, Nancy 18 Mar 1789 Craven County
Thompson, Robert Lankford, Matilda 27 Oct 1813 Rutherford County
Thompson, Robert Smith, Cary 20 Jul 1812 Wake County
Thompson, Robert Wood, Mary 01 Jan 1800 Randolph County
Thompson, Roden Sale, Clary 13 Sep 1806 Wilkes County
Thompson, Rose Lumley, Abraham 09 Mar 1802 Wake County
Thompson, Rufus R. Nail, Elizabeth M. 14 Jul 1853 Davie County
Thompson, Ruth Pendar, William 23 Sep 1813 Orange County
Thompson, Ruth Williams, James 18 Mar 1796 Orange County
Thompson, Rutha Medlin, Allen 03 Feb 1815 Wake County
Thompson, Salley Clark, Thomas 04 Oct 1813 Orange County
Thompson, Sally Siler, Elisha 17 Oct 1810 Chatham County
Thompson, Sally Strickland, Samuel 25 Aug 1803 Johnston County
Thompson, Samson B. Taylor, Mary 11 Apr 1803 Robeson County
Thompson, Samuel Allen, Nancy 26 Oct 1810 Orange County
Thompson, Samuel Braden, Polly 21 Dec 1789 Wake County
Thompson, Samuel Mcclintock, Margaret 01 Jan 1779 Guilford County
Thompson, Samuel Mcmullen, Jane 10 May 1794 Orange County
Thompson, Samuel Trice, Nancy 16 May 1807 Orange County
Thompson, Samuel Wilmoth, Jane 23 Jan 1818 Rutherford County
Thompson, Samuel Woods, Rebecca 06 Jul 1798 Orange County
Thompson, Sandy Clarke, Elenor 20 Mar 1797 Rowan County
Thompson, Sarah Johnston, David 23 Dec 1824 Rowan County
Thompson, Sarah Johnston, William 21 Feb 1787 Onslow County
Thompson, Sarah Lafflowers, John 07 Nov 1793 Gates County
Thompson, Sarah Pitman, John 04 Mar 1811 Robeson County
Thompson, Sarah Pollock, Jacob 03 Feb 1773 Bertie County
Thompson, Sarah Sellers, Willets 13 May 1808 Brunswick County
Thompson, Sarah Williams, Bright 28 Mar 1825 Robeson County
Thompson, Stephen Mcaddams, Susannah 30 Dec 1794 Orange County
Thompson, Susan Crabtree, Thomas 14 Sep 1811 Orange County
Thompson, Susanna Mitchel, Nazarah 13 Dec 1788 Robeson County
Thompson, Thomas Bowman, Nancy 22 May 1820 Guilford County
Thompson, Thomas Cox, Eliza 28 Sep 1789 Orange County
Thompson, Thomas Daniel, Peggy L. 08 May 1811 Orange County
Thompson, Thomas Enloe, Nancy 07 Jan 1815 Haywood County
Thompson, Thomas Evans, Mary 12 Dec 1792 Craven County
Thompson, Thomas Linvile, Elizabeth 02 May 1780 Rowan County
Thompson, Thomas Stewart, Mary 29 Apr 1768 Rowan County
Thompson, Thomas Trotman, Sarah 04 Mar 1809 Gates County
Thompson, Thomas Willson, Philadelphia 29 Jan 1789 Rutherford County
Thompson, Thomas A. Murphey, Nancey S. 03 Nov 1820 Caswell County
Thompson, Thomas Jr. Gilchriest, Nancy N. 28 Sep 1824 Guilford County
Thompson, Thomas William Parish, Asey 11 Feb 1803 Chowan County
Thompson, Trimigain Kitchen, Mary 12 Apr 1811 Robeson County
Thompson, W. L. Penny, Mary S. 05 Nov 1866 Bond Davidson County
Thompson, Whitley Dickson, William 29 Dec 1795 Orange County
Thompson, William Banks, Lucy 23 Dec 1810 Rowan County
Thompson, William Bennett, Elizabeth 14 May 1822 Warren County
Thompson, William Bunch, Lydia 06 Mar 1799 Chowan County
Thompson, William Carmichal, Nancey 09 Oct 1810 Guilford County
Thompson, William Coles, Sarah 05 Nov 1777 Rowan County
Thompson, William Cowan, Betsy 05 Feb 1805 Rowan County
Thompson, William Dalton, Polly 11 May 1823 Rutherford County
Thompson, William Fowler, Mary 26 Nov 1783 Wake County
Thompson, William Henderson, Nancy Mrs 17 May 1818 Rutherford County
Thompson, William Marks, Sarah 23 Nov 1819 Wake County
Thompson, William Mimeth, Floyd 09 Mar 1811 Rowan County
Thompson, William Morrow, Martha 31 Dec 1799 Orange County
Thompson, William Roberts, Fereby 29 Aug 1802 Johnston County
Thompson, William Rollins, Dyse 16 Oct 1811 Randolph County
Thompson, William Russil, Elender 28 Jan 1817 Onslow County
Thompson, William Sadler, Elizabeth Mrs 30 Aug 1743 Chowan County
Thompson, William Smith, Catharine 08 Dec 1820 Wake County
Thompson, William Speres, Rosanah 27 Oct 1810 Robeson County
Thompson, William Steel, Rachel 11 Nov 1787 Orange County
Thompson, William Wallace, Tellitha 01 Dec 1817 Wake County
Thompson, William Williams, Ester 22 Feb 1812 Rowan County
Thompson, William Williamson, Elizabeth 08 Apr 1788 Lincoln County
Thompson, William Glover, Badiah 17 Aug 1839 Bond Davidson County
Thompson, Wm. A. Ham, Sarah 02 Sep 1851 Wayne County
Thompson, Wm. A. B. Parks, Ann E. 08 Apr 1852 Wayne County
Thompson, Wm. G. Hodge, Mary S. 25 Jan 1866 Davie County
Thompson, Zedock Mullikin, Elizabeth 02 Nov 1816 Rowan County
Thompson, Isom Osborn, Jane 1 Jan 1852 Bond Ashe County
unknown, unknown Thompson, Elisha 07 Aug 1767 Rowan County
Thompon, Calvin Welch, Elizabeth 29 Jul 1867 Ashe County
Thompson, Christopher Reedy, Ruth 25 Feb 1858 Ashe County
Thopmson, Isom Osborn, Jane 1 Jan 1852 Bond Ashe County
Thompson, Augustus Williams, Nancy 24 Jan 1852 Bond Bertie County
Thompson, David Brown, Rebecca A. 29 Nov 1866 Bertie County
Thompson, Hampton Thompson, Harriet 20 Aug 1866 Bertie County
Thompson, C. M. Peebles, Mary A. 19 Nov 1867 Davie County
Thompson, H. A. Hobbs, Mildred 15 Oct 1867 Davie County
Thompson, Jehue Foster, Sarah 26 Oct 1854 Davie County
Thompson, Rufus R. Nail, Elizabeth M. 14 Jul 1853 Davie County
Thompson, Wm. G. Hodge, Mary S. 25 Jan 1866 Davie County
Thompson, Alfred Morris, Sarah 14 Apr 1858 Bond Davidson County
Thompson, John Shewler, Sively no date Davidson County
Thompson, Joseph H Ratts, Ellen E. 01 Aug 1849 Bond Davidson County
Thompson, Kindrick Sexton, Durthena 24 Nov 1857 Bond Davidson County
Thompson, Lorenzo Jenkins, Lueaser 30 Sep 1864 Davidson County
Thompson, William Glover, Badiah 17 Aug 1839 Bond Davidson County
Thompson, W. L. Penny, Mary S. 05 Nov 1866 Bond Davidson County
Thompson, James M. Baily, Elorna 26 Mar 1868 McDowell County
Thompson, Reuben Fountain, Zilpha 01 Feb 1855 Wayne County
Thompson, Wm. A. Ham, Sarah 02 Sep 1851 Wayne County
Thompson, John M. Lane, Chelly K. 19 Jun 1855 Wayne County
Thompson, Wm. A. B. Parks, Ann E. 08 Apr 1852 Wayne County
Thompson, Issac Williams, Elender 09 Mar 1852 Wayne County
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